Bloodhound and I just ended our phone conversation, and he informed me someone blew up his car. He explained that while attempting to start his car
its engine would not start. He and his friend propped open the hood and they both looked inside, and within moments, I imagine, intense heat burst
forward as if the engine had blew in their faces. His friend had the most damage, receiving most of the burns.

     A day later I made a visit to see Bloodhound. As I looked upon his face I noticed it looked pink; the burns exposed the under layers of his skin. His
face had some kind of ointment; doctors orders, and to stay out of the sun.

     He went on to share that the Ese told him later on that the (Name Censored by the Author for Security Reasons) attached an explosive in his car,
because they did not like an interview that conducted with him. It’s a lengthy interview, and he mentions gang truce, taxing gangs, prison politics, prison
rape, and on the extreme racism in gangs. I asked him how and why in the hell would the (Name Censored by the Author for Security Reasons) go
online, and visit myspace.com , and listen to the audio interview. Bloodhound answered my questions with a question, asking me if I don’t think that
Punk Rockers from East L.A. don’t have any brothers or friends who are in gangs.

     I realized the possibility in this, and then felt really bad– I told him that I was going to immediately take down the web site. He said no do not take it
down; I decided to regardless. He was actually disappointed that I took the site down; I am still debating if I should put it back up. I was very angry this
act of violence was committed against him. I went to the Brown Community Organization and told a couple of the community organizers about the
incident hoping they could intervene and help to make a truce or negotiation. They couldn’t do anything but just listen. Bloodhound told me later that
no one can do anything about it. The (Censored) is too powerful. The (Censored) even taxes small business’, and several street gangs submit to them.
He said going against them is like going against the entire gang population of Los Angeles.

     He told me not to worry and to forget about the incident. He told me he has his own soldiers as back up to defend him. I did not want him and his
soldiers to have a war. He is my friend and I couldn’t sleep for a long time because of what happened to him.

     Later on I saw T.A.C.O. (Take All Capitalists Out) from the Black Riders Liberation Party, and told him about Bloodhound’s car having exploded.
T.A.C.O. took the time to listen because his revolutionary political group started in prison, and they fought against the (Censored) in the 90’s.

     A few days later Bloodhound calls me and told me that T.A.C.O. and his soldiers came to recruit him to join the Black Riders, but he turned them
down. T.A.C.O. offered him a high rank position among the party. I am not entirely sure why he turned the party down. Perhaps Bloodhound was
already in a high rank in the Bloods and did not want to take orders, or maybe because he is a
Black Israelite Jew and the Black Riders are Muslims.

I met Bloodhound in the late 90’s at the
Community Support of the Gang Truce Office while he was doing a workshop. I ended up here through a
business card. I somehow got this business card at a rally that has a drawing on it of a red bandana and a blue bandana tied together with the popular
Black Panther Party saying “All Power to the People.” I called the number on the business card and someone picks up the phone and says “CAPA” in a
sharp deep voice. I asked, what is C.A.P.A.? The man said, “It’s Coalition Against Police Abuse.”

     I went to the C.A.P.A office on Western Ave.
A man named Michael Zinzen gave me a tour, and explains that they give gang members
computer classes, and at the back they give them jobs as silk screeners to put silk screens on shirts in bulk. There are many radical
revolutionary posters inside. One that stands out the most is a Latino Gang and a Black Gang shaking hands in a truce.

     After several visits and hanging out in C.A.P.A. and at the Community Support of the Gang Truce Office, Michael and I became good friends. I will
tell more of him later on. He said that I could use his office at anytime, so I tell him that I want to throw an event that will be an open house. He asked,
“what kind of crowd will come by, should I expect College students?” I said no- Punk Rockers, vegetarians, and a feminist crowd. The following month
an event was organized, but it was a small turn out; I assume because people were scared of the location- I don’t blame them. It was a free event even.
Michael was again generous enough to accommodate the event and even brought vegetarian snacks and drinks from Trader Joes.

     In the main office in front a workshop was going on by a former cholo gang member. He told listeners about how this office helped him receive a
fund. He went on to explain this place serves to educate people in gangs and gives free classes. Then after the workshop another workshop was by a
black Blood gang member with a teardrop on the side of his face. He said that he was on COPS T.V. show where him and his friend got bullets sprayed
at their car. Both he and his friend were shot. He later came to C.A.P.A. and to Community Support of the Gang Truce Office and got politically
educated.  Then Bloodhound did his workshop. After his workshop I talked to him for the first time and saw him there many times later. From then on I
worked a lot with C.A.P.A. on events, punk gigs, benefit shows, rallies etc.

     I’m sure folks will ask why I work with Bloodhound. He has a high rank in the Roaring 20’s Bloods. I respect this man a lot. There is no one else I
know who went through a tough life like his. You would not believe how many times he has been shot on separate occasions, and the number of near
death experiences he’s had.

     He works hard and risks his life for gang truce.
He has been on the news shaking hands with the Crips to promote peace between them
and the Bloods. He has also done the same with Latino gangs to bring much needed peace to the community.

      He used to sell weapons for a living, but changed his life around to become an peace organizer and community activist.  Later on he started doing
interviews for T.V. programs, and started being in “Gang Land” and other gang documentaries. I believe he can bring about local gang ceasefire in the
area he works in.
Eventually I stopped visiting his pad because I thought I would get shot. We became close friends and he would come visit me when I used to work at the
Y.M.C.A. and he would play basketball. I would make him vegetarian food at my home. He was trying to be vegan and I was helping him along. I do not
know if he was ever able to stick with it. Sometimes we would both go to anti-war rallies (when Bush was the president) , or do workshops together at
events. I encouraged him to not use certain street slang with feminists that we would often encounter, and he always respected that.

    We might have had some political disagreements in the past, but I never argued with Bloodhound and always had to think before I spoke because I
didn’t want to piss him off. I could express my views and all, but had to make sure I did not step on his feet. I was cautios because I knew of an incident
where Bloodhound had pistol whipped someone I knew from Gang Truce because he was hitting a woman. I will write about my most memorable memory
with him later on when he backed Pam who used to be in Animal Defense League L.A. and other Animal Rights activists at a panel when they were in a

     As time went by our friendship grew, and we would just hang out for the heck of it and kill time, or go to vegan potlucks and write letters to political
prisoners. I highly value our friendship and his brotherhood. He is a person I trust; he would take a bullet for his beliefs and his friends. However, we
stopped hanging out and talking to each other. At first I was really disappointed at him, but right now he is hiring a lawyer to fight a case he is wrapped
up in, and is claiming not guilty. I have a feeling that I won’t see him for many years.

Update:  it's been few years...   Bloodhound found me online and we both finally talked on the phone.  He is still fighting his case and claims he is
innocent and still practice vegetarian diet.   He is a straight out guy who believes in brotherhood, and has strong values in friendship.  I wish him all the
This story was on the news awhile back -
Bloodhound convinced Bloods to surrender over 300
guns and assault rifles etc... In an failed effort to stop
the execution of Crips-cofunder Tookie Williams

You can type in Bloodhound + Roaring 20's Blood on
youtube search and watch videos of him.  
More flyers of Punk Rockers and
Bloodhound coming soon.