-March 2016: 2 shows booked click here

-December 2015: The merch page is all set up now for double sided Resist and Exist shirts .
Click on the above tab "MERCHANDISE".

-November 2015: Vegan Outreach interviews Resist and Exist :

-Punk Rockers supporting Afghanistan and Iraq veterans against war and making gigs more
radical. Written on August 19th, 2015  
click here to read the article

-Our merchandise page will be up soon.  For now you can google search and get the bootleg
Resist and Exist shirts, patches and buttons.  Some of them have nice designs.  We are out of
all the vinyls and cd's but you can find em online.

-Uploaded 17 songs online.  You can listen to it or download for free from this web site:   http:

-Thank you all for coming out the Solidarity Fest.  Here is the write up that Resist and Exist did
+ photos:

-Resist and Exist is on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Resist-and-

-Welcome to the Resist and Exist new web site.  If you would like to read about the band history
or look at our early stuff you can go to the old web site: