1984 Protest in Orange County

"James, 16, one of the
anti-Reagan demonstrators,"
said his group was a collection
of anarchists from the
Fullerton area. In 1984
president Ronald Reagan came
to speak at Mile Square Park
in Orange County.
"...Reagan supporters on the
other side of the fence
attacked a group of youths
wearing punk rock clothes,
youths who had shouted
epithets and waved placards,
condemning the President as a
foe of peace and humanity"......

The Reagan defenders tore up several of the
demonstrators' signs, hurled rocks, bloodied a
few noses and chased the anti-
Reagan group back to the parking lot.

One of the Anarchist youth who goes by
Viking was lead away with blood streaming
from his mouth.

Picture on the left are Regan
Supporters.   All color pictures were
taken by Kimberly.