Anarcho Cafe -  March 10th 2013
 This is a free event (click below)

acoustic punk  music
                workshops and speakers
Anarcho Punk Nite at Part Time Punks
March 17th 2013  ( click below )

This was a benefit for Elder Freeman

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  Good Bye 2012!  All videos made by diyzine from 2012.

New Direction Fest  (Resist & Exist performed at this event in Olympia)

Rock Against Gentrification (Organized by Diyzine & ABC)

L.A. Anarchist Bookfair (organized with friends collectives)

L.A. Open the cage tour (Resist & Exist  performed at this event however we are not in the video
due to I was filming but check it out this was an awesome event organized by Animal Liberation

Anarchist Gathering (free event organized by diyzine)

Farce of July  (Resist & Exist performed at this but not in the video due to I was filming but it has
some good clips and interviews)

Riverside Anarcho Punk Fest (organized with friends but Resist and Exist is not in the video due to I
was filming)

Anarcho Cafe (free event organized by diyzine)