My old fanzine from March 23rd 1987. The photo of Jimmy was taken in 1985 and Tim in 1986
My old fanzine from March 23rd 1987. I took a photo of Melrose in 1985
Flux of Pink Indians & Conflict Animal Rights statement
Mark Vallen used to send me big packages in mail - we were good pen pals from 1985-1988
Mark Vallen was involved with Shock Battalion (Radical street theatre punk artist group who would wear
Reagun mask and pass out flyers at Melrose Ave and atPunk gigs.  They got a big fine from the City of L.A.
for wheat pasting posters.  They also held benefit shows and did many educational events.
. The above photo is Blind Justice performing at Fenders Ballroom.  It was my friends band who had a strong
message against nuclear weapons and vivisection
Tammy from Time To Unite zine was my pen-pal in 1985. I really admired her and she was my big influence.
The Anti Vivisection was a cut and paste from Student Action Corps for Animals news letter from 1986
I made this flyer when I was in high school and later it was added to my zine. The top is Flux f Pink Indians lyric.
Thanks to Ron & Darrell for saving this.
I made this flyer when I was in high school and later it was added to my zine.  I took the pics from Flipside fanzine
The 2 above page is from a zine comp. My friends and I made this zine in the 80’s when we were in high school.
Most of us didn’t think about college, careers, or our future. We wanted to change the world immediately, and
had so much passion and love for animal rights. My friend James invited Wanda and Debbie from “Society
Against Vivisection” to our high school so we didn’t have to dissect frogs in class. We would handout leaflets at
school, get into debates, have our parents called into the school, etc. It all really came from our hearts.