Animal Place's Vegan Republic,1624 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703. Tel

Jang- This is an all vegan grocery store (without a produce section) run by a non-profit
group.  Originally it was called Republic of V. It's a great place to shop, and you don't need to
read any of the ingredients because everything is vegan.  Beside food they have a fashion
section with makeup, shirts, tote bags, non-leather belts, wallets, purses, stickers, patches,
pins, books, and a bunch of stuff.

Mariam- They have a lot of vegan snacks, drinks, and special products you do not see at any
other health food stores (including Whole Foods). "Jang, let me take a picture of you at the
front with all the sacks behind you!"

Rainbow Grocery worker owned co-op,  1745 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103.  Tel (415) 863-0620

Jang- An all vegetarian food market with no bosses. This place is huge.  They've been around since the 70's, and was a
supporter of the Black Panther Party Free Breakfast program for children. I mostly go here to say hello to Kevin from the
Vegan Hip Hop Movement, and to grab lunch where I eat inside at one of the small tables by the entrance.  They have
their own cafe as well right outside.  

Mariam- They have good prices for their bulk food, a lot of the products are organic and they always have a variety of
things; for example they have pink Himalayan salt in two different grains and about 4 other salts including French Gray
sea salt. Jang and I often argue over how many pieces of vegan sushi we each get when we want to try a piece from
each other's choices. "One inari is worth at least two avocado rolls! Why do you always put all the food in front of me
where it looks like I'm going to eat it all?!"
SATURN CAFE, 2175 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704.    (510) 845-8505  

Jang - This place is like a 50's vegetarian dinner place with cool layouts.  They do have vegan options but
too many fried foods and shakes.  I kind of find it unhealthy.  

Mariam- I like unhealthy and fried, it tastes delicious.

Jang - I think an activist opened this place up because there are all these radical things as designs for the
table tops.

Mariam- Yah, the bathrooms are also unisex. I just bumped into a guy walking in there when we first got
here. Look at this table top, it's all old Slingshot Anarchist newspaper clips.

Jang - Hey! They have vegan cupcakes for desert, pumpkin chocolate!

Mariam - I thought you said this stuff is unhealthy?

Jang - Oh yah, you are right. Too much sugar. I'm gonna get the Peanut Royale, it has rice and
vegetables. What are you going to have?

Mariam- I think I will have...the Vegan BBQ Ranch Chicken Burger.

(Food gets to table)

Mariam- How do you like it?

Jang- It's all right, kind of boring.

Mariam- Yah, mine is pretty bland.
1466 Haight Street, San Francisco. CA. 94117 (415)548-8000     veganburg.com

Jang- Let's each get a different burger and we can split it half and half?
Mariam- Yah! That is a good idea so we can try more than one flavor!

Jang - We should of got the steamed broccoli instead of the seaweed fries because it's much healthier.
Mariam- Eww, no I want sea weed fries with my burger! Burgers and broccoli do not go together.

Jang - I think this is the first vegan fast food joint in S.F.
Mariam- It could be if they don't have a Veggie Grill out here, this place reminds me of Veggie Grill.

Jang - Where are all the hippies since this place is near Haight and Ashbury?
Mariam- They are all dead! No, maybe they moved out because it is so expensive to live here.

Jang - That's cool they are promoting all this vegan and vegetarian stuff on the table.
I will take a photo and post it.

Mariam- You better not post anything unless I approve of it first especially if I am in the picture!

(Food gets to table)

Jang- (starts eating sea weed fries out of both baskets)

Mariam- (starts eating one burger then puts it down and starts eating other)

Jang- Hey! That's my burger!

Mariam- No! We said half half!

Jang- No No No! This is mine (takes burger and puts it on his lap) This one tastes so good.  Stick with your burger.
Reviews on Northern California's Vegetarian / Vegan / Cafes/ Restaurants/ specialty and health food stores by Jang and Mariam