Activist Store is a non-profit DIY
Store.  All proceeds made from
the distro will be used to get
more radical merchandise so
we can make this web site

As a distribution, it is our goal to
carry quality products that
promote a strong vegetarian /
vegan, revolutionary, feminist,
political, environmental, anarcho
punk, or animal rights oriented
message. It is important that
these forms of communication
are not lost. Also, we try to keep
prices as low as possible, as
education is our primary goal.
If you would like to put some of
your stuff on consignment
please contact us.

Update: 09/07/2006

Activist Store is back.  You can order stuff online now.
More merchandise will be added on 09/09/2006 so just keep
checking.  This web site is still under small construction.
Coming soon:  Patches, Tapes, Books, Videos, Buttons, Shirts...

Peace and Liberation

from - J.Lee  
Online ordering through PayPal
is simple, all you need to do is
register for an account at

If you don't have a credit card:
Simply write down what it is that
you would like to order.
We require a minimum order of
$10 in order to keep our prices
as low as possible.

If you have any questions or
comments feel free to email or
call us.

Postage: all prices include
postage for usa-canada-mexico
International (Air Mail): overseas
postage is calculated by adding
a percentage to the total order:
Europe and South America: add
Asia and Australia:   add 50%

Payment: checks and money
orders payable to: "Jang Lee"    
Activist Store
P.O. Box 292344
Los Angeles
California 90027-9998


(323) 668-2390
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