Band History:
A.D.S. was formed in the summer of 1985.  It was me, Matt, Riley, Stephen
and Ron Cerro.  Ron was in Nature Core with Tammy.
Matt came from the Lunatix with Jay Smith ( famous 70's skateboarder ).
We formed due to inspiration from bands like Conflict, Icons of
Filth, Antisect, Discharge, Iconoclast, Crucifix, Trial, Flux of Pink Indians etc..

We had metal influences as well like Black Sabbath, Motorhead etc..
We wanted more political-active bands to help spread the message
of world oppression, animal rights, human rights, music exploitation etc..
We felt we needed more bands in the Southern California area as the San
Francisco scene took off and was already getting involved in the anarcho
punk scene.  Very few bands were here but were on the rise like Body
Count, Bitter End etc...
We were mostly inspired by Conflicts way of direct action.  We were not a
pacifist band. We believed in unity among anyone who wanted to start
getting active even if it meant some violence.  Mostly we attacked animal
testing facilities like Avon, Redken..Cosmetic
Labs.  We attacked fur shops in our areas as well, bricks thru windows with
notes etc..  or graffiti with slogans on why it was done.
We felt protesting with banners was fine but more needed to be done.
We were part of a local group called Earth First among others, we were also
involved in the anti-apartheid movement, believed in rights for all colors
and sex.  We found that Big Mountain and all Native Indian nations were a
form of apartheid as well, due to the government taking what little they had
left.  We did many benefit shows for all our local communities whom stood
for our cause.  In 1986 Ron left the band and Riley played bass and sang
and somewhere down the road Stephen left the band and Ed played guitar (
from Guillotine ).  After a dozen more shows we then broke up, it seemed
we became tired and started fighting with one another.  Our ideas and ways
have changed and some of us wanted to do new projects.  I for one felt the
scene was too limited, it was like a circus with too many rules and what you
can and cant do got very old for me.
As in most anarchist people are very righteous and close minded and there
no better then everyday fascist or militant groups.
So I had to step out and look at what i was doing and basically
question myself and those around me.  We also believed in doing things our
way and ourselves as in promoting shows and not being exploited from
promoters like Goldenvoice, believed that this movement belonged to us not
the businessmen  and they had no idea or cares of what we stood for, just
wanted to make
money.  I started A.G.C. a campaign for do it yourself , which also was a
indie tape label/distributer  of local/foreign bands.

By Mark A.D.S. 2005