note: this is not a national Anarchist Gathering - this is  a local Southern California Punk Rock Anarchist Gathering.  Click here to see the flyer
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"(un)leash is a (de)activist and writer who has written with John Zerzan as well as published "Hymns for Brueghel", a
book of impassioned activist, anti-civ, and pagan poetry. (un)leash has worked with Shawn MacDougall and other
activists as part of the Black Star project in the late 90's, and has given several "Re-Indigenizing" and "Embrace :
Affection" workshops at autonomist gatherings. At the event, (un)leash will be giving readings from his latest book
"Hymns for Brueghel" and inviting commentary, as well as leading an Embrace workshop. (un)leash's newest book is
available at"
My name is Elyse. I am a anti-authoritarian, anarchist, feminist, environmentalist, vegan / animal rights activist, human
rights activist, and a poet. I' ve been a speaker at a few different shows such as the anarcho punk fest etc. I usually read
about environmental issues, animal rights, or human rights. I think at this gathering I will be reading some of my old
material on animal rights and some new material I'm going to be writting. I believe in animal rights, human rights, and
mother earths rights because I believe all life is equal and should be equally appreciated and respected. I will be reading
again at the upcoming anarchist gathering. If you want to contact me my email is
My Slave name is Antonietta my Indigenous name Izel Tlalli Yaotl.   I was born in Mexico City and grew up seeing the
racism and ignorance towards the Indigenous people of my country, I was surrounded by my culture and history and
grew up to be proud of my roots.  I moved to USA when I was 11 and realize the American dream was just a DREAM.
I have experience a lot of racism, sexism and the burden of living in a capitalist society and this has taught me to
stand up and fight. I am part of the EZLN Collective in Santa Ana where we are just barely starting. We are trying to
learn from Zapatismo and apply their ways of organizing in our own community and build a connection with them. I
also organize benefit shows to for the people of Chiapas and Women of Juarez, I am determined to show people that
punk shows are not a place where kids only get drunk but also unite in the struggle. I am interested in Cultural
Anthropology, Reading alot, Femenism, and any human rights movement for liberation. But I specially believe that the
fight for human rights is inside each individual on Earth. We can't change the world if we don't fix our problems in our
own daily lifes first.
Matt Hart is a long-time prisoner and labor organizer. He has spent the last seven years organizing for the Los Angeles Anarchist Black
Cross Federation. Hart has written several articles regarding the need to build unity within the prisoner support community and has also
spoken on this subject during numerous conferences, including the Break the Chains conference. He has also been involved in other
LA-based organization, including: Whittier Food Not Bombs, LA IWW, August Collective, Youth Demanding a Better Future, and the
October 22nd Coalition. Matt Hart was also active in the 141-day Grocery strike/lockout in the Southern California. Matt Hart will be
addressing the need for a new political prisoner support movement in radical communities, as well as the need for solidarity and what
that means. Matt is also active in building support for Irish Prisoners of War
I am an anti-imperialist, anti-sexist and anti-racist anti-authoritarian who believes that decolonization is central to human
liberation and planetary survival. The US has 5% of the world population yet uses more than 35% of all resources and
imprisons almost as high a percentage of all the people incarcerated in the world. Unless we end the Empire in out
lifetime, it will carry out a deadly global genocide, femicide, ethnocide and ecocide. As we speak, the US Empire and
war machine is planning war on China. If the percentage of excess carbon gases being pumped into the atmosphere is
not immediately reversed and reduced, the oceans will become acidic within 20 years, destroying the marine food chain
and most life in the sea. I believe we must learn the lessons of previous failed attempts to transform society, by
overcoming elitism, racism, sexism and other internalized ways we identify with our oppressors and exploiters. Only in
that way will we realize that all the wealth the system has, it steals from the people and the planet, all the power the
system wields comes from the people it oppresses. On behalf of Anti-Racist Action, I edit and publish "Turning the Tide"
to spread the news of the power of the people and the vulnerability of the Empire. You can contact Michael Novick at: or website
Joaquin Cienfuegos (22)  -- Los Angeles community organizer, Chicano anti-authoritarian revolutionary, and anarcho-communist.  I'm
a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Southern California Anarchist Federation (and participant in the Southern California
Collective Network).  I will be speaking about building community -- and what that all means: building autonomy (breaking
dependencies from the state), breaking with activist culture, building relationships with our neighbors, building real mutual aid
programs which isn't charity, breaking away from outdated ideas that we might have, empowering ourselves with knoweldge and the
courage to fight for change, and educating and preparing ourselves now for the future.  Along with that, I will also speak to building a
non-hiearchical organization, and how it relates to communities, social and labor movements, with long term vision, and grounded in
our own conditions today -- which breaks with misconceptions about anarchists.

Some things about me:

-Graffit Writer
-Journalist/Writer -- working on a book on Anarcho-Communism in the U.S.
-Visited Palestine in the Summer of 2002 with the International Solidarity Movement (was arrested, spend 6 days in prison, and
deported back to the U.S.)
-was a member of the RCYB (Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade) for 4 years and broke off with them for disagreements on
vanguardism, centralized authority, the state, and the party line to become an anarchist/anarcho-communist
-I grew up in South Central Los Angeles
-I am a student at Santa Monica College and helped find the Anti-War on the World Collective
-Secretary of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Southern California Anarchist Federation
The event will have speakers & poets between bands.  Check back next month for updates and news.

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Anarchism is a political theory which aims to create anarchy, "the absence of a master, of a sovereign." [P-J Proudhon, What is Property ,
p. 264] In other words, anarchism is a political theory which aims to create a society within which individuals freely co-operate together as
equals. As such anarchism opposes all forms of hierarchical control - be that control by the state or a ccapitalist - as harmful to the
individual and their individuality as well as unnecessary.

In the words of anarchist L. Susan Brown:

"While the popular understanding of anarchism is of a violent, anti-State movement, anarchism is a much more subtle and nuanced
tradition then a simple opposition to government power. Anarchists oppose the idea that power and domination are necessary for society,
and instead advocate more co-operative, anti-hierarchical forms of social, political and economic organisation." [The Politics of
Individualism, p. 106]

A.1.1 What does "anarchy" mean?
The word "anarchy" is from the Greek, prefix an (or a), meaning "not," "the want of," "the absence of," or "the lack of", plus archos, meaning
"a ruler," "director", "chief," "person in charge," or "authority." Or, as Peter Kropotkin put it, Anarchy comes from the Greek words meaning
"contrary to authority." [Anarchism, p. 284]

"Anarchism can be understood as the generic social and political idea that expresses negation of all power, sovereignty, domination, and
hierarchical division, and a will to their dissolution. . . Anarchism is therefore more than anti-statism . . . [even if] government (the state) . . .
is, appropriately, the central focus of anarchist critique." [Reinventing Anarchy, p. 139]

"Anarchism is a movement for human freedom. It is concrete, democratic and egalitarian . . . Anarchism began -- and remains -- a direct
challenge by the underprivileged to their oppression and exploitation. It opposes both the insidious growth of state power and the
pernicious ethos of possessive individualism, which, together or separately, ultimately serve only the interests of the few at the expense of
the rest.

"Anarchism is both a theory and practice of life. Philosophically, it aims for the maximum accord between the individual, society and nature.
Practically, it aims for us to organise and live our lives in such a way as to make politicians, governments, states and their officials
superfluous. In an anarchist society, mutually respectful sovereign individuals would be organised in non-coercive relationships within
naturally defined communities in which the means of production and distribution are held in common.

"Anarchists are not dreamers obsessed with abstract principles and theoretical constructs . . . Anarchists are well aware that a perfect
society cannot be won tomorrow. Indeed, the struggle lasts forever! However, it is the vision that provides the spur to struggle against
things as they are, and for things that might be . . .

"Ultimately, only struggle determines outcome, and progress towards a more meaningful community must begin with the will to resist
every form of injustice. In general terms, this means challenging all exploitation and defying the legitimacy of all coercive authority. If
anarchists have one article of unshakeable faith, it is that, once the habit of deferring to politicians or ideologues is lost, and that of
resistance to domination and exploitation acquired, then ordinary people have a capacity to organise every aspect of their lives in their own
interests, anywhere and at any time, both freely and fairly.

"Anarchists do not stand aside from popular struggle, nor do they attempt to dominate it. They seek to contribute practically whatever they
can, and also to assist within it the highest possible levels of both individual self-development and of group solidarity. It is possible to
recognise anarchist ideas concerning voluntary relationships, egalitarian participation in decision-making processes, mutual aid and a
related critique of all forms of domination in philosophical, social and revolutionary movements in all times and places." [My Granny made
me an Anarchist, pp. 162-3]
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From the inspiration of Crass,  Lucy Parsons, Mikhail Bakunin, Louise Michel, Peter Kropotkin,
Emma Goldman, Spanish Revolution of 1936, IWW, Kwasi Balagoon,  recent anti coroporate
globalization actions, and recent anti war / anti authoritarian movements.  We bring you:
Sunday, August 21st - 2005.  At the Showcase Theatre, 683 South Main St. Corona,
California.  Starts at 5pm.  $10
Money raised from this festival will be donated to Profane Existence, Anarchist Black Cross  ,PART & No Compromise
“don’t need you” is a documentary film that tells the story of the origins of Riot Grrrl in the American
independent music scene of the 1990s, and how this feminist movement evolved into a revolutionary
underground network of education and self-awareness through music, writing, activism, and women-
friendly community. The film gives audiences a chance to meet key figures in development of Riot Grrrl
and see for themselves how these women have changed the history of music and feminism forever.
The film features one-on-one interviews interspersed with rare, archival materials, including original
Riot Grrrl fanzines, flyers, and photographs, as well as seldom seen footage from pioneering Riot
Grrrl bands like Bikini Kill, Heavens to Betsy, and Bratmobile.
Kerri Koch will be speaking and
showing her new film called
"Don't Need You"
Live performance by:   
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