Sunday July 28th, 2019
From 1pm-6pm
924 Gilman St, Berkeley, California 94710
(all ages venue)
$5 + $2 membership  
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As a teen and young adult, Gabby Falzone experienced some of the detrimental consequences of a
pathologizing mental health model, from involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations to being told she would
never be a “normal” functioning member of society. She is now a Doctoral Candidate in Social & Cultural
Studies in the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education focusing her research on adolescent
criminalization in schools and communities and the psychological consequences of that criminalization.
Gabby is an advocate for moving away from pathologizing, medicalized models of mental health and
trauma and towards ones that center how forces of oppression work to harm oppressed peoples, as well as
how oppressed peoples can and do collectively heal from, disrupt, and eradicate oppression. She was the
founding member of the Critical Trauma Working Group, a group of university students, community
practitioners, and community members interested in challenging the narratives around trauma and trauma-
and has volunteered with Critical Resistance’s Anti-Policing Healthworkers Cohort, co-designing and co-
facilitating workshops on how not to call the police on those in emotional distress
B-Ward are an anarcho punk band from Santa Rosa
and Oakland, California. B-Ward plays dark and
melodic punk music with lyrics focused on animal
rights, indigenous struggle and the paranormal.
Stacy Russo, a community college librarian and professor at Santa Ana
College, is a writer, poet, artist, and zine creator. She believes in lifelong
learning and the power of personal story. Stacy credits the 1980s punk rock
movement of her teenage years with her political awakening and journey to
veganism. Her books include A Better World Starts Here: Activists and
Their Work (Sanctuary Publishers); Love Activism (Litwin Books); We Were
Going to Change the World: Interviews with Women from the 1970s/1980s
Southern California Punk Rock Scene (Santa Monica Press); and Life as
Activism: June Jordan’s Writings from The Progressive (Litwin Books). She
is currently working on an edited book: Feminist Pilgrimage: Journeys of
Discovery that will feature personal essays by contemporary feminist
writers, artists, and educators. Stacy’s poetry chapbooks Everyday Magic
(Finishing Line Press) and The Moon and Other Poems (Dancing Girl
Press) are forthcoming. She eats chocolate every morning and takes her
coffee black. Stacy lives in Southern California with Joni, her beautiful
senior rescue dog.
Stacy Russo
Mental Health Panel   1:30pm -3pm
“Rabia Al Sistema” is an Anarcho-Punk band from South-Central Los
Angeles. The band is comprised of 4 members of Mexican origin. Rabia
Al Sistema's (RABIA) music exposes the realities and consequences of
class division, unmasks the injustice caused by capitalist governments
throughout the world, and the lies and manipulation of history, the
systematic and oppressive way of life imposed upon us, etc ... Proposing
in turn the need to integrate into social struggles, to develop the
conscience of the people through organization and direct action, using
mechanisms of struggle that through practice succeed in unleashing
proletarian masses, and its integration into the Social Revolution. Since
its inception, RABIA has participated within a number of socio-political
organizations and works collectively in different mobilizations.
the American Peoples), A.N.S.W.E.R. COALITION (L.A.), W.C.W. (World
Can Wait), Aztlan Mexica Nation Harmony Keepers R.C.P. (Los
Angeles), A.M.C. (Aztlan Media Collective), E.Z.L.N. (The Other Bell,
The Other of the Other Side:, media commission, link, events), K.P.F.K,
Collective Voices of Freedom, Feminine Insurgency, Collective
Expressions Collective Punkz, Cop Watch (L.A.) Committee for the
freedom of David Meza Solidarity Committee with the prisoners of Atenco
Brigada Granada..                                     4:45pm-5:15pm
Mariam Ataya is a human and animal rights activist, who’s emphasis is on Palestinian self-determination
and refugees. She received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology at the University of California Berkeley, and
has been working in the research/mental health/social work fields for over 5 years. She is currently a
psychiatric residential treatment counselor/ clinician, where she works with a diverse population of adults
including un-housed, dual-diagnosed (with SMI [severe mental illness] and substance consumers), acute
clients (in crisis, experiencing suicidal ideations and or experienced recent suicide attempt(s)), among
others. She promotes the social rehabiliation and harm reduction models towards client treatment.
Mardhavi is a musician, international dancer, drummer, yogini, educator, and
vegan activist who flows through the different worlds of punk, hip hop, Afrobeat, and
other musical galaxies.   She earned her BFA from Calarts, and her MM and
teaching credentials from CSULA, all in music performance and production.  She
believes in providing necessary healing for activists so that they can recharge and
continue doing the important planet-changing work that they do without burning
out.  A little yoga works wonders for destroying toxic masculinity and properly
balancing the feminine and masculine energies!
Diatribe Anarcho D-beat crust hardcore punk band from San Diego. Diatribe formed in 1984 and  were
contemporaries of Crucifix, Conflict, Oi Polloi, and many other anarcho peace punk bands of the era. They
were initially active for only 3 years and put out The Aftermath cassette demo and were included on
countless compilations in Europe including the 'We Won't Be Your Fucking Poor' 2 Lp comp on
Mortarhate from the UK. They reformed in 2009 and have put out several 7", an Lp, and again are included
on several international compilations including the oppressed Malaysian punks benefit 'Punks For Aceh'.
Several of the members are very politically active in the Tijuana and San Diego area. Diatribe are
currently : Vince - vocals, Juan - guitar, Jordan - bass, Mar - drums.    
Diatribe will be not playing at this event.  
We will try to book them again in the future.
GEORGE CRUSTANZA  3:15pm-3:45pm
George Cruatanza is a hardcore punk band from San Francisco,
formed in 2015 by members of Throwing Rocks and Oxygen
Destroyer. Been playing all around the Bay Area since 2017. The
music is 80s style hardcore/d-beat.
Delphine Brody presents nationally on trauma-sensitive, culturally responsive peer support and crisis
alternatives to police intervention and hospitalization. She is a co-founder and organizer with Mad Love
Underground (formerly the Sacramento Icarus Project) and the Sacramento Women's Council. Her work
explores intersectional feminism, disability justice, harm reduction, and transformative justIce.
Rampage was an Antifa and anarchist activist convicted for an alleged
attempt to plant an explosive at an event celebrating Hitler’s Birthday planned
by a neo nazi group. He spent three years in prison before eventually having
his case overturned in the Supreme court.  Rampage was involved in the
Long Beach Anarchist Info Shop, organizing for the rights of immigrant truck
drivers, organizing the Southern Kalifornian Anarchist Federation, and the
was a member of the August Collective to organize the anarchist gathering
and protest against globalization at the L.A. DNC. Rampage was a front line
anarchist who felt at home in tear gas and chaos. He was accused by police
in several states of inciting riots, but was always cleared of all charges.
Facilitator for the panel : Maryam Kazi has a Masters of Science in Marriage & Family Therapy from
California State University at Long Beach. She has experience providing counseling services to victims of
domestic violence and has received additional training from the state of California.  Services were provided
at the Anaheim Family Justice Center where victims could receive counseling, food stamps, legal services,
etc, from one location.  She is currently working with adolescents and their families suffering from mental
health and addiction issues.  
Saturday July 27th, 2019
924 Gilman St, Berkeley, California 94710
(all ages venue)
Sat 3pm-12am
Mission Statement:
"Doing Something Is Always Better Than Doing
Finally a gathering organized by punk rockers
Sasha LaPointe is from the Upper Skagit and Nooksack Indian Tribe. Native
to the Pacific Northwest, she draws inspiration from her coastal heritage as
well as from her life in the city of Seattle. She writes with a focus on trauma
and resilience, ranging topics from PTSD, sexual violence, the work her great
grandmother did for the Coast Salish language revitalization, to loud
basement punk shows,  and what it means to grow up mixed heritage. Her
work has appeared in Hunger Mountain, The Rumpus Literary Journal, Indian
Country Today, Luna Luna Magazine, The Yellow Medicine Review, The
Portland Review, AS/Us Journal, THE Magazine, and Aborted Society Online
Zine. She has recently graduated with an MFA through The Institute of
American Indian Arts with a focus on creative nonfiction and poetry
Mariam Ataya is a human and animal rights activist, who's emphasis
is on Palestinian self-determination and refugees. She received a
Bachelor of Arts in psychology at the University of California
Berkeley, and has been working in the research/mental health/social
work fields for over 5 years. She is fluent in both Arabic and English
language. She hopes to continue on to higher levels of education
while dedicating her time to Palestinian liberation efforts, in animals
rights activism that encompasses practicing a vegan diet that she
has maintained for over 15 years, and to art, writing poetry, and
making jewelry.
Feminist Punk Rock Fashion Show by Audey
Thunders Clothing
 w/ runway models.
DIY clothing for people who like random shit and are
against slave labor.  A one womin operation in Orange
County California.  Its all about the subcultures!  I make all
types of clothing and accessories. Everything is
handmade. I use repurposed materials whenever I can.  
Fuck Sweatshops, Fuck WalMart, Fuck Outsourcing
"What We Can Learn From Other Movements":
Images and stories of the Black Panther Party in South
Berkeley by Billy X Jennings from 4pm-5pm
Pic - Huey P Newton and
Billy X Jennings in 1971
ICONOCLAST  (from Los Angeles)
The Iconoclast hail originally from the Los Angeles San
Fernando Valley working class town of Sylmar. Born out
of punk angst of the early 80’s they initially identified as a
straight edge band but were elevated to a place of
Anarcho Peace punk consciousness, decrying the
centralization of power and war, via English bands such
as Discharge, Crass and their collective of bands.
The Iconoclast first existed between 81-85, then for one
show in 2006, and recently 2014 to present.
Reforming and transforming via personnel and musical
exploration, The Iconoclast has re embraced their demo
years with original and founding vocalist Greg Holdridge,
and bassist Yaotl (Aztlan Underground/The Wankers)
aka Rene Orozco, joined by punk/metal veteran drummer
(guitar too) of Contraattaque, Subsistencia, Tezacrico,
Chronic Atrocity, and Aztlan Underground, Caxo, and Art
Shrooms of Barneys Army, and legendary The Shrooms.
Ötzi is a dark post-punk trio from Oakland, CA,
comprised of singer & bassist Akiko Sampson, singer &
drummer Gina Marie, and guitarist K. Dylan Edrich. They
are known for their intricate songwriting and their
explosive live show. At times haunting and at times
aggressive, Ötzi delivers a driving rhythm and the
intertwining melodies of two vocalists blanketed by
abstract guitar washes.
MEDUSA STARE  (from Seattle)
Medusa Stare conjures a new anarcho goth sound, weaving spoken
word and incantations, spitting venom driven by strength, personal
politics, resilience and the fight against colonizer, consumerism,
capitalism and the ever present patriarchy.  Born in the rainy coastal
lands of the Pacific Northwest, Medusa Stare is a Seattle band and
formed like a spark against the dark in 2017.  Give it a spin, look if you
dare, the unworthy turn to stone...
Aztlan Underground is a band from Los Angeles, California that
combines Hip-Hop, Punk Rock, Jazz, and electronic music with
Chican@ and Native American themes, and indigenous
instrumentation. They are often cited as progenitors of
Chican@/Native rap and hip-hop
Headdress believes that change begins at an individual level deep within our own minds
and selves, which is where our name originated from. Dressing your head, and preparing
your mind every day, is a vital core belief we have and practice, as a means of combating
and remaining conscious in a society and vicious civilization that we are deeply opposed
to. Dressing your head means that every choice we make must be a conscious one. Each
belief held must be an active one. Each step we take must be made for the benefit of
Human, Earth and Animal liberation.

Formed in southern California in early 2015 by 4 long time friends, Headdress' musical
style is influenced by 80's Anarcho and Peace punk.
Mystic Priestess
Oakland’s Mystic Priestess is like an enchanted magic spell
to 1 part witchy, 2 part anarcho post-punk, 1 part deathrock
mixed in a cauldron to curse against society’s ills. Mystic
Priestess are a part of a vibrant and innovative DIY anarcho
post-punk scene in the Bay area cutting their own way with
their presence and unique sound. The band conjures up the
spirit of the 80’s darkwave and goth’s dark, edgy, and gloomy
sound adding a dash of post-punk, and anarchy. Brewing up a
witchy potion for the masses! This is a band on the rise, check
out their latest EP No Tomorrow, Only Today.
The Revolutionary Eseibio the Automatic (Hip Hop artist)
The Revolutionary Eseibio the Automatic is a community volunteer
and an emcee  he is the lead coordinator OF the "BLACK & BROWN
UNITY PROJECT" HE is committed to advancing the goals and
principals of the Black Panther Party as out- lined in its Ten-Point
Program written in 1966 by Dr. Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale,
through Music, Art, Fashion, Dance, Film,Travel, Photography,
Theater & Martial Arts.
Raw and heavy, divine and groovy. Bastet is a
musical dark storm, reigning down a true
sisterhood of clairvoyant ferociousness. Songs of
Bastet represent internal/external war facing
duality, self awareness, intention, action, survival
and all aspects of personal experience in the
battle for balanced humane autonomy, personally
faced day to day. We are allies to those who feel
they have lost, or are without a voice. A guiding
light in the darkest of nights. Supernaturally, a
musical collaboration set to the anarchic tones of
surviving through the ebb and flow of the chaotic
currents, and pleasures, of life. With roots running
deep in the California Bay Area, Princess Poison
Adoness (vocals), Xaina (synth), Marinda (guitar),
Cindy (bass), and Brittany (drums), with special
guest Venomess Rose (back up vocals), Bastet
hopes to spread and imprint confidence, creativity
and courage, in everyone we reach through our
pioneering spirit art and song. On every new trail
blazing venture, we get an opportunity to proudly
roam, Bastet will deliver dark rockin tunes, sure to
captivate even the most fleeting soul and body
into a hypnotic dance craze.
Graveyard Junkies (from Orange County)
Queer punx reclaiming the once white dominated riot
grrl scene and making it INCLUSIVE! We’re here, we’re
queer, and we won’t let ur sexist shit slide. FUCK SLUT
POET - Jakobe Ares
I am an Animal Rights Activist and Musician of Sacramento as well as student of the Sacramento City
College Ecology program studying and fighting against environmental degradation generated by human
consumption, waste, greed and apathy. My ethics and lifestyle are rooted deeply within the fact that animal
rights are human rights. Animal Rights are directly connected with the future of humans and earth’s well
being, whereas the the effects of our industrial farming world are so detrimental to our earth’s waters, air
quality, ozone layer and ecosystems that we as humans may be coming to a inhabitable planet as soon as
2050 if we refuse to stop the slaughter. Human Rights are not the only reason why I stand with the animals
though, I live against a term called “Speciesism” which is the man-made delusional superiority over any
animal not human, if you live against Speciesism you do not treat any species lower than you or with
disrespect or cruelty, this includes not supporting any industry that murders and exploits our animal
brothers and sisters. My poetry is a reflection of these ethics and in protest of the toxic mindset that we as
humans have the “natural right” to take and use animals for whatever we please. My primary form of
activism is through my magazine “Beginning Of The End” where in which I speak on these issues and
spread awareness of the animal exploitation taking place around the world  and what you can do to fight it
and help the animals. Anyone is welcome to contribute anti-speciesist art, poetry and articles. All profit I
make from these magazines I send directly towards Animal Rescue services, Anti-Vivisection
Organizations, and Animal Sanctuaries that care for victims of factory farming saved from slaughter. I
previously played bass in a group from the Bay Area called Korrosive, playing gigs with the Iconoclast,
Disorder, Destrucktions, Doom etc.. but for now am taking a break with music to focus primarily on Animal
Rights and eventually plan to get back in with the music stuff, because I believe music can be a very
powerful form of activism as well.
Shawn McDougal is a founding member of the Community
Democracy Project, a grassroots organization dedicated to
making democracy real, starting in Oakland, by instituting a
People's Budget. Shawn is an educator who has also done a
variety of community and issue organizing work, from local and
state campaigns to national mobilizations. (Past affiliations
include: AFSC, Bus Riders' Union/LCSC, The Oaks Project,
Anarchist People of Color, Black Star Collective, Coalition LA.)
In addition to teaching math and fomenting revolution, he likes
to dance and ride his bicycle.
Poet - Kira Garcia
I am an animal rights activist in Sacramento, CA. I’m active within my local groups and protests. I use my
voice to speak up for our defenseless and exploited animals. I went vegetarian for a short period of time
when I was around eight years old because I knew what I was eating wasn’t right. I went vegetarian for good
in 2016 and vegan in May 2018. Now animal activism is the most important part of my life. One day I aim
to open an animal sanctuary.

My poetry aims to help people open their minds and feel compassion for beings who are just like us. I
never want to make anyone feel judged or hated for eating meat and other animal products. Most of the
time it’s the culture they’re raised in that teaches them it’s ok. I’d rather push people to ask themselves
ethical questions they would have never pondered before.

As humans, we have evolved to have moral agency and we can know cruelty when we see it. The era
animal exploitation has gone on for long enough and together we can put a stop to the abuse of our fellow
animals! Animals are not objects! Animals aren’t ours to exploit!
I joined the Black Panther Party in the summer of 1968 during the Free Huey Newton Movement. Become
a member during those times you had to go through a 6-8 week training period. I joined the BPP in East
Oakland and help start 3 Free Breakfast for School Children there. I worked  E.14 st to Brookfiled and
Elmhust area. In  1970 I  transited to National HQ's  and when Huey P. Newton got out of prison in 1970 I
became one of his aides until 1972. I was then darted into the Bobby Seale for mayor of Oakland
campaign. I ran Bobby's Seale 's main campaign office on 54th and E.14th. I later help open the award
winning Oakland Community School. I left the BPP in 1974.

The last twenty years I have help establish the It's About Time Archive and website
www.itsabouttimebpp.com.  Our archive group (It's About Time" )  put on the 30th,35, 40th, 45th, 50th yr
reunions. of the Black Panther Party.We have a travelling Photo exhibit called" Louder than Word" that has
been on exhibit all over the world. We are currently doing Black Panther  Party history tours in Oakland.  
We  worked on a number of films about BPP legacy.  We are currenly preparing for BPP History month
which is October, every year.
-Billy X Jennings
With up most humility and
apologies, Diatribe will have
to drop off from upcoming
shows in Las Vegas and
Berkeley, our young bass
player is facing real life
struggles with capitalism, and
we as a band have decided to
stand with him, and by him.
Please know that we deeply
regret this to our friends,
promoters, and fellow bands.
We love you and hope you
Audiomatic Tha Fyah Starter (Abdul-Rahman Shakur) Hip-Hop artist from the
Bay Area. He is also a New Afrikan Muslim grassroots community organizer and
activist. "Music is a weapon"-Fela Kuti                                   4pm-4:30pm
Anarcho storytelling : A talk on short stories of the Anarchist & Punk Movement in Los Angeles and
Orange County from the 80's, 90's to 2000's. Looking at the failures and accomplishments: the anarchist
center/anarchist info shop, form collectives, benefit gigs, Anarchist Conference/Gatherings, L.A.
Anarchist Bookfair, community organizing, living in co-op houses (communal living), protesting, campus
organizing, and what our next step is.  By O.C. Peace Punks from 3:20pm-3:50pm
Audie Vera (they/them) is an Associate Marriage and Family therapist. They received their MA in Marriage
and Family Therapy from USC and their BA in Psychology from NYU. They have worked with adults
struggling with substance use and behavioral addictions in a residential rehab center in Los Angeles. More
recently they have worked in a community based mental health program providing behavioral therapy to
youth in Alameda County at risk of psychiatric hospitalization or loss of placement due to chronic
engagement in high risk behaviors. Audie now works as a Quality Assurance Manager overseeing clinical
documentation, implementation of county, state and federal policies, and documentation training at an
Oakland non-profit agency serving foster care and at-risk youth and TAY populations.