Saturday, February 25th, 2012.  From 1pm-6pm.  Free event.
ANARCHO CAFE at the Southern California Library of Social Studies
6120 S. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90044. (323) 759-6063
Table set up by -
Action for Animals, RAC (Revolutionary Autonomous
Communities), North American Animal Liberation Press Office,
Punk Tree Distro, Hungry Monkey Zine, South-Central Farms,
Food Not Bombs, (IWW)
Industrial Workers of the World, El
Hormiguero Pacoima, Cop Watch, Workers Solidarity Alliance,
Mass Media Records , PM Press and Band of Mercy
Speaker - Keith McHenry co-founder of Food not Bombs.  
Food Not Bombs is one of the fastest growing revolutionary movements and is
gaining momentum throughout the world. There are hundreds of autonomous
chapters sharing free vegetarian food with hungry people and protesting war
and poverty. Food Not Bombs is not a charity. This energetic grassroots
movement is active throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East,
Asia and Australia. Food Not Bombs is organizing for peace and an end to the
occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. For nearly 30 years the
movement has worked to end hunger and has supported actions to stop the
globalization of the economy, restrictions to the movements of people, end
exploitation and the destruction of the earth.
Aztlan Underground Unearthed
Breezy Rondilone
Marco Amador of Chicano / Son
Aug unearthd is an acoustic expression of
Aztlan Underground. It is the manefestation of
flower and song. Utilizing traditional
indigenous instrumentation as the backdrop
for lyrics of hope and resistance for a better
earth and future..
Sherman Austin
Nicoal Sheen graduated from CSU Long Beach with her B.A. in Comparative Political Science and specializes in
sociopolitical revolution. As both an academic and activist, she recognizes all oppression as interlocking
mechanisms used to silence other beings considered "less than" and fights to end these systemic inequalities.

Nicoal is a militant voice for animals out on the streets and will continue to speak for the silenced until total
liberation is achieved for our non-human brothers and sisters.
Nicoal Sheen will do a talk on Intersectionality and Interconnections of Oppressions
Sherman Austin , is an underground rapper and anarchist from Compton, California. He was
webmaster of the internet site RaisetheFist.com before his arrest. Austin was convicted under a plea
agreement in 2002 and served a one year sentence in federal prison.  Austin was released one
month early in July 2004 with 3 years of probation which prohibits him from having access to a
computer or knowingly associating with individuals who “espouse violence for political change”.
Workshop - Security Culture 101 with Jordan and Shannen
Shannen Maas is a radical activist with the goal to educate other activists about ways to keep their own activist communities safe, secure and
effective. Shannen has spoken on various aspects of radical politics and social movements at many political and social events and
Jordan Ezell is an anarchist who works with the Anarcho Treehouse Collective to distribute free radical literature and organize
benefits for activists and political prisoners. He strives for total liberation of humans, animals, and the earth.
Presentation by Occupy LA General Strike Preparation Committee.  Occupy LA General Strike Preparation
Committee was approved by Occupy Los Angeles General Assembly on Nov. 14, and re-authorized on Dec. 19 to carry
out the Occupy the Ports action - A Day without Goldman Sachs! (which helped precipitate the west coast port shutdown)
as the beginning of a process leading to a General Strike on May 1, 2012 for migrant rights, social, economic and
environmental justice and peace. Check out www.occupymay1st.org or contact generalstrike2012@gmail.com,
323-901-4269, or join our email listserve, occupylageneralstrike@lists.riseup.net. We are building for a broader,
deeper, stronger coalition to have a day of action and General Strike on May 1, not only here in Los Angeles, but
through the region, state and the U.S.
Viva la Vida! Live Foods for Life by Sirenita del Mar - A DIY workshop on juicing and blending
organic veggies. This is a hands-on presentation of the basics of a raw food diet. You will learn how
to detoxify your body by decolonizing yourself from commercial processed foods that keep us
lethargic and prone to be oppressed. Learn how to juice and blend so that your body is able to
receive the greatest benefits of the amazing wisdom and intelligence of plants.  
With spoken word and music, writer and performer Rubén Martínez, joined by playwright and activist Raquel Gutiérrez
and singer-songwriter Joe Garcia, will present the deep roots of radical Los Angeles through the story of the legendary
anarchist figure
Ricardo Flores Magón, who spent more than a decade here just before and during the Mexican
Revolution. Nearly a hundred years before Occupy L.A.’s Solidarity Park, Flores Magón and his cohort founded a
commune in Edendale with equitable gender roles and an attempt at sustainable living. For enacting his radical
principles, Flores Magón was jailed and ultimately died in federal prison, but his influence lived on across the decades in
bohemian cafes and in the living rooms of activists from Echo Park to Watts.
Anarcho Assmebly - From 5:30pm-?  in main room. This is where all the Southern California Anarchist Collectives, Anti-authoritarians, Food        
 Not Bombs chapters get together for open mic go around, talk about the projects that you are working on, report backs,  share your views,  get to         
 know each other, exchange ideas, network with other collectives, meet new friends or just hang out.
Matt Hart is an anarchist from the greater Los Angeles area, who has spent the last two decades organizing around
prison and labor issues. He is active in the Anarchist Black Cross Federation and the Flores Magon Branch of the
Industrial Workers of the World. In recent years, he has helped to establish the Black Rose Society, a project dedicated
to rediscovering and promoting local anarchist history.
Come and get wired with us at Anarcho Cafe
Everyone is welcome
Network with groups and meet new friends
Please car pool or take the bus to this event.   MTA Bus 204 and Express Bus 754.   Bus info: http://www.metro.net/
Direction and Map to the Library http://www.socallib.org/about/directions.html

Click here to see the complete schedule for this event
Chris Hellking
p-aren't workshop
Welcome to the wild world of raising kids and raising hell. interactive conglomeration of smacktivists & slactivists discussing how to make the
rev more fun for the under teen crowd, single parenting in southern california, and responsible parenting by and for irresponsible anti-
authoritarians. With  Rebecca Trotzky: family doctor & health justice advocate, member of RAC, single mom to Zev (67 yr old physics professor
trapped in the body of a 12 yr old), Vlad, Mark DiDia: bicycle self-righteousness advocate, member of RAC, Bici Libre/Digna, and single-parent
to a single kid.
Click here to listen to Anarcho Cafe radio air time on KPFK 90.7 FM
The Little Red Writer is an active agent for conscious evolution, rainbow revolutionary, contextual contortionist, advocate of awesome, reiki master,
performance artist and poet.  She's an inter-dimensional visceral force who's hyper craft is a passionate tapestry of the barbaric, absurd and
transcendental. She is always exploring new boundaries in her dithyrambic style of performance poetry "Spoken Weird".
She is a tenured fixture of Downtown LA's art scene, and resident Poet/Performance artist at The Hive Gallery & Studios, where she also curates a
performance art open mic and variety show "Trophallaxis" .
She performs and reads regularly in cafes, at art shows, underground parties, political events, music festivals, night clubs, bars, small theatres, and
guerilla style.  She has been featured on radio, in avante gaurde short film, and is collaborating on multiple experimental music projects.
The library opens at 11am on Saturday.  Feel free to come early and check out the books.  The Library web site is
www.socallib.org   If you have questions about the Library  (323) 759-6063. Questions about this event (323)915-2617

Kevin Baker is a former Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army infantry. After two combat tours in Iraq--totaling 28
months--Baker was ordered to deploy a third time, but refused to go. Instead, he began organizing other
soldiers in his unit to refuse their orders and to stand up against their chain of command. After leaving the
Army in 2010, Baker became a lead organizer in the group March Forward!, working to foster rebellion within
the ranks of the U.S. military. Baker has spoken across the country and is a noted commentator on veterans'
issues, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the right of troops to refuse to fight U.S. wars.

Mike Prysner is a former U.S. Army corporal who served 12 months in Iraq. He began speaking out about the war
while still in the military, and upon leaving the Army in 2005, Prysner became a leader in the anti-war movement.
In 2009 he co-founded March Forward!, a radical anti-war organization of veterans and active-duty troops.
Prysner has been featured as the keynote speaker at dozens of events nationwide and internationally, and is a
regular contributor on Press TV, Russia Today and MichaelMoore.com.

Mike Prysner and Kevin Baker will be doing a workshop on Fighting military recruitment in our schools and
communities.  For time and info click on this
The Miracle is a Los Angeles/Oakland based bookmobile, which activates redistribution of
used literature. The bookmobile had its rocky beginnings in 2004 born in an volvo in Watts
while Irina attended art school. During a hiatus, there was a feminist revival of sorts at the
Redcat, where Irina wrote her phone number in Besser’s lavender-covered gay porn entitled I
Want It All. The Miracle was born and the two began to collect and steal the items necessary to
make the miracle a reality!          The Miracle is a Los Angeles/Oakland-based bookmobile
project that activates the redistribution of books, while addressing personal capacity. We
believe that we can fulfill the same duties that public libraries bookmobiles do - but on a
different level. Instead of loaning the book, The Miracle gives it away, and the action is made
visible when the redistributed book continues to move amongst new hands, long after it has
sat in the bookmobile. All books are donated to us; we take them on the road and then give
them out. In turn, nothing is asked of those who next receive the book. The Miracle encourages
folks to continue passing the book along, but we do not check to see if this happens.
Free books front of the library
Thank you for your support here is the video from the event -