Schedule for Anarcho Cafe
Free Boutique by Cake and Eat It

Workshop: How to be a revolutionary criminal mastermind - and get away with it!
Lessons and reflections from political prosecutions.  Arrests and legal trials are an all
too common danger for radicals who have committed themselves to revolutionary
struggle - or even for the first-time protester who ends up in the clumsy grip of the
police. The only real solution of course is to abolish the police and the courts, but in
the pre-revolution meantime, being informed and prepared to fight off political
prosecution can help keep you out of jail. Come to this discussion with radicals and
attorneys who have fought legal battles against political prosecution and learn how to
come up with a plan to fight your case, be in solidarity with your co-defendants, and
make going through the system an empowering process. Also, learn how to find pro-
bono attorneys, and how to get your attorneys to fight your case the way you want it
fought. Hosted by: M
. - Foxy 6 defendant and - NLG attorney

5pm-5:30pm Stand up comedy by Tricia and Poetry by Christine

5:30pm- 6pm International Women's Day by Miriam

Live acoustic Punk performance by Moon Bandits
"Choosing Effective Tactics"
P4S will be leading a workshop on “Choosing Effective Tactics” by discussing the
important roles of home demos, diversifying the LA anti-vivisection movement, and
getting creative in reaching the public. by Carol, Robyn, and Vida from Progress for

The Little Red Writer
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