Saturday, November 26th / 6pm/ $10
at Showcase Theatre, 683 S. Main St. Corona  (951) 276-7770
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Seven Generations
When one considers the historic holocaust waged against the original people of this continent, one wonders, not about a "Day of
Mourning," but about '500 years of Mourning; for it has been over 5 centuries since this continent was invaded by mercenaries
seeking the land of 'El Dorada', the land of gold, riches, and natural abundance. For Native peoples, the holocaust continues,
every day, as they remain a people largely colonized in the land of their ancestors.

That said, "Thanksgiving," for the United American Indians of New England and millions of Native folks across the continent (as
well as millions of friends and supporters of them) is hardly a day of celebration; for how do you celebrate a holocaust? If it were
a real "Thanksgiving", it would mark not white dominance of Indians, but Native Independence and true freedom in the land of
their ancestors!

On the Move! By - Mumia Abu-Jamal (Political Prisoner)

"We need to reach out to the youth and embrace and encourage them to follow in our footsteps in order to continue the struggle.
We are losing part of a generation of our young people to drugs and alcohol and consumerism. My time on this Earth is rapidly
passing by and the young people must step in mine and the shoes of others who have fought this long hard struggle. I
encourage and challenge you to educate yourself and your children in social concerns and the politics of the world. We have to
remember that only true unity of all people will allow us to be successful and victorious in effecting change.  By -Leonard Peltier
(American Indian Movement / Political Prisoner)

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Socialized Crucifixion
Happy Thankstaking
Happy Cultural
Genocide Day.
Thanks for stealing a
whole continent from
the indiginious people
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7 Generations formed and exists for the purpose of spreading
revolutionary ideals through the underground hardcore and punk rock
communities and to use our band as a vehicle for social and political
change. We denounce with a feverish hatred the teachings of a
patriarchal culture that thrives on anthropocentrism, sexism, racism,
classism, nationalism and capitalism. We encourage all to become
politically and socially aware and get involved in the struggles for animal
liberation, humyn liberation and earth liberation. We are in full support of
all true freedom fighters such as the Animal Liberation Front, the Earth
Liberation Front, Earth First, the Zapatista National Liberation Army, the
international anarchist movements and others far too many to mention
here. We have all lived in the chains of a culture that has starved our
bodys and spirits for far too long. A new dawn is breaking and the sun of
freedom will shine again someday.
ARISE! ARRIBA! AMANDLA! INTIFADA! DECHOUKAGE! "Onward guerrilla, ignore them if they call you 'terrorist' or 'criminal'.... this is
terrorism? What peace and calm existed? You are terrorists who make a person a slave..... Terrorism is terror, and I feel that daily
when hunger and pain take children to the grave..... TERRORISM! You will shout, you will kill, you will accuse, but history will sing of
glory, of freedom, of another land, of another sea" Luis Plaencia............................... 7 generations now and forever supports,
encourages and lives a VEGAN STRAIGHTEDGE lifestyle. xxx
Autonomy formed in the early 90's, featuring members of Media Children.
We are a political anarcho//peace punk band. Our lyrical content deals with all forms
of animal and human rights issues (ie. vivisection, feminism, anti-war, abuse of
political authority, etc.). The emotional backbone both musically and lyrically
encompasses experiences of loss and death filtered through a profound respect for
life. Moreover, we are an art punk band that utilizes film footage, banners/posters,
and live theatrics to convey our messages.   The band line up is Tricia - lead vocals,
Shant - high bass and backing vocals, Hector - guitar and Derek- drums.  
Our musical influences are Crass, Omega Tribe, Flux of Pink Indians, Poison Girls,
Zounds, The Apostles, Lost Cherrees, and UK Anarcho Peace bands.
Another Destructive System (A.D.S.) was formed in the summer of 1985. We formed due to inspiration from bands like Conflict,
Icons of Filth, Antisect, Discharge, Iconoclast, Crucifix, Trial, etc..We wanted more political-active bands to help spread the
messageof world oppression, animal rights, human rights, music exploitation etc..We felt we needed more bands in the
Southern California area as the San Francisco scene took off and was already getting involved in the anarcho
punk scene.  We were mostly inspired by Conflicts way of direct action.  We were not a pacifist band. We believed in unity among
anyone who wanted to start getting active.  We felt protesting with banners was fine but more needed to be done.We were part of
a local group called Earth First among others, we were alsoinvolved in the anti-apartheid movement, believed in rights for all
colorsand sex.  We found that Big Mountain and all Native Indian nations were a form of apartheid as well, due to the government
taking what little they had left.  We did many benefit shows for all our local communities whom stood for our cause.  Our ideas
and ways have changed and some of us wanted to do new projects.  I for one felt the scene was too limited, it was like a circus
with too many rules and what you can and cant do got very old for me.As in most anarchist people are very righteous and close
minded and thereno better then everyday fascist or militant groups.So I had to step out and look at what i was doing and basically
question myself and those around me.  We also believed in doing things our way and ourselves as in promoting shows and not
being exploited from promoters like Goldenvoice, believed that this movement belonged to us not the businessmen  and they
had no idea or cares of what we stood for, just wanted to make money.  A.D.S. started A.G.C. a campaign for do it yourself , which
also was a indie tape label/distributer  of local/foreign bands.
Thanksgiving is:
Turkey Slaughter
Respect Turkeys
Don't eat them
SABU was started in late 2004 with tree guys that wanted to play brutal grind core with a
mix of punk.  Sabu started with no bass player now we are made up of chris on vocals,
trevor on the axe, anthony on bass, and col on drums. Our lyrics talk about every thing from
politics, anarchism to personal issues not just with in our socity but in our own lives as
well. Songs about the pressures of life work school family etc . from songs writen about
our friends.and haveing a good time and drinking!.to total anilation of the president and
this war.  We like what we do and have fun but we spread a message as well. We put on a
show every time. Our musical influences rang from punk, crust, grind core to gore grind .
bands such as napalm death crass discharge regurgitate phobia dahmer mesrine
rudimentary peni doom wolf pack cripple bastards dirt etc ........