Animal Acres was founded by Lorri Bauston, who is considered the “pioneer” of the farmed animal sanctuary
movement. In 1986, Lorri co-founded Farm Sanctuary, which opened the country’s first shelter for farmed animals.
For 18 years, she directed the group’s shelter and fundraising efforts.  Through her farm animal sanctuary efforts,
Lorri has directly saved thousands of animals from the cruelties of factory farms, stockyards and slaughterhouses,
and brought national attention to the plight of animals used for “food production.” Lorri’s work has been featured in
hundreds of newspaper, television and radio news stories, including guest appearances on  CBS This Morning,
Animal Planet, and PrimeTime Live.  
Animal Acres is a refuge for animals, and a sanctuary for the soul. Farmed animal sanctuaries are a place where
cows, pigs, and chickens reach out and touch the human heart.  These “animal ambassadors” gently teach people
to extend compassion to ALL beings through one-on-one interaction.  For many people, it is the first time they have
ever looked into the eyes of pig or chicken, and it can profoundly affect the way people view and treat farmed
animals.  Since the Animal Acres sanctuary opened its doors in Fall of 2005, a  steady flow of animals has come
through the gates.  Some of the first new residents were 78 hens rescued from an egg  factory farm when the facility
closed due to leasing problems./ The hens arrived thin, with missing feathers and long, overgrown nails, after
spending an eternity in bare wire cages. The birds, who had never seen the outdoors or had a moment of comfort,
were soon taking sun baths in the courtyard and nestling into soft straw beds.

Farmed animals are often the victims of natural distasters, though rescue efforts are rarely done for them. When
caring people came to the aid of chickens who became the victims of Hurricane Katrina, we had to open the doors of
our chicken coop again, and we welcomed 25 chickens who were being raised for meat production in Louisiana.

Next came 13 tiny Turkeys rescued from factory farms. Once destined for the Thanksgiving plate, our feathered
friends will now spend their holidays at Animal Acres eating pumpkin pie! Every week, the turkeys almost doubled in
size due to the turkey industry's abusive breeding practices that have produced abnormally large birds. Still young
enough to run and play, the turkeys love to run toward caregivers with wings flapping for the sheer joy of it.
Our youngest new residents are three little piglets who were born at a stockyard and abandoned after their mother
was sold for slaughter. Now, they have a team of "mothers" (and a big sister named Bagel) who brings them warm
bottles of milk, clean their barn pen, and scratch their soft bellies still covered in "peach fuzz" fur.

These and many other suffering farmed animals who survived untold cruelties and neglect are now healthy, happy
and alive, because people care enough to become Animal Acres members.
Animal Acres is open to the public every Sunday and offers one-hour
guided tours at 11am and 1pm. No appointment is necessary for Sunday tours. School and group tours (of 10 or
more people) are also available by appointment. Please call 661-269-0986 or email us to schedule a school or other
special group tour. Meet ourfarmed animal friends and hear about their rescue stories during our special “meet &
greet” tours. Cuddle with a cow, give a pig a belly rub, talk to turkeys — and learn why it’s so important to rescue
and protect ALL animals.

Tour fees are $3.00 per adult and $2.00 per child. Your tour fee helps pay for animal feed, bedding and veterinary

Over 150 rescued farmed animals call Animal Acres “Home Sweet Home” and we invite YOU to become a member of
our sanctuary family too! Animal Acres is a volunteer-based organization and we depend on dedicated advocates to
make our rescue, education and advocacy efforts possible.  Thank you from ALL of us for providing hope, rescue
and sanctuary.

Join us for a Farm Chore Day! Chore days are held every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Volunteers are asked
to arrive as early as possible to help with special barn cleaning projects, painting, gardening & grounds
maintenance, and other projects. The work is mainly outdoors — wear farm clothes (rubber boots if you have them
are helpful) and a hat and sunscreen as needed. Volunteers are welcome to bring a packed vegan lunch and have
a picnic in our beautiful courtyard with our turkey friends!


Animal Acres Hoe Down Saturday, May 6 -
Join us for a jamboree for farmed animals! A fun and educational event with veggie food booths, music, films, farm
tours, and presentations from noted movement speakers. If you know someone who loves animals (but still eats
them) bring them to an animal rights Hoe Down!

Walk for Country Critters Sunday, August 6-
Help raise needed funding for our sanctuary and educate people about compassionate living choices as we walk
down the Venice Beach boardwalk. Your participation will help us open our doors to many more suffering farmed
animals, and open peoples' hearts and minds.

Animal Acres Gala Saturday, September 9-
Celebrate 20 years of rescuing farm animals with Animal Acres founder Lorri Bauston, who started the first shelter in
the country for farmed animals in 1986. A gala evening with celebrity guests, gourmet vegan dinner, auction for
animals and entertainment. Proceeds benefit our Emergency Rescue Fund.

Animal Acres
5200 Escondido Canyon Road
Acton, CA 93510
Phone: 661-269-0986

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