November 6th, 2010
Pure Luck (Vegan) Restaurant
707 N Heliotrope Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90029    (323) 660-5993
This is my plate
Tricia's plate
Jen's plate
Christine, Kat and Jeff.  I met Christine in the early 90's at
the Long Beach Anarchist Conference.  Kat is Jeff's
partner she used to be a go-go dancer at Bar Sinister.
I met Jeff Marshal in the late 80's at a vegetarian picnic in
Hart Park in Orange.  He was involved with Bread Not
Bombs.  In the early 90's me, Chrstine and Jeff used to
live at a Long Beach Food Not Bombs co-op house
called Falcoln co-op.  We were the 3rd Food Not Bombs
Chapter at that time.  Now theirs like hundres of Food Not
Bombs chapters all over .
All photo credits below goes to Jen Kitner
Front to the left is Analene - Met her in the late 80's - she was organizing a Bread Not Bombs benefit show at Hart Park in
Orange and Media Children was on the bill.  Later on she got involved helping out at the (De) Center .
I wish this was my kid  ( ha ha )