pin the cop car game @ the Anarchist
Shant and Hipster/Indy Rocker  Clyde
my old comrade and his kid.  we used to live together at a co-op house in
the 90's and Jeff  is a radical school teacher now.
one of the opening band at gilman - sorry forgot the name
gilman st crowd shot
(this band was awesome)
crowd shot at gilman st
(yellow smurf )
singer from Gather and Tears of Gaia
Tears of Gaia (vegan straight edge band)
me and greg from anima mundi
(drummer from 7th Generations)
(drug free vegan dave and I)
me and hector
Goodbye SF

Shant and I
SF trip review / Anarchist Bookfair / Autonomy @ Gilman St
(photos)  pt.2