Saturday, April 04, 2009
F#%K YEAH ! Good Bye American Red Cross Lifeguard!
Today I woke up at 6am and Jaguar came over so we can both go to the Swim Stadium.  This was the place
where 1984 Olympics were held.
When we got to the place there was about 40 people in line and most of them were Water Polo Players and
Swim Teams sporting their jacket and gym bags with logos.  I was kind of nervous cos they were gonna kick
our butt on swimming.
This is Jaguar
Later on about 150 people came to take the L.A. City Lifeguard Test.
I'm already a certified as American Red Cross Lifeguard and been working for almost a year but I wanted
to work for the City now.
So this is why I wanted to take the test.  I already know that I was going to pass the test because I took the
L.A. Lifeguard Pre-Academy Training Class and took the Lap Swimming Class for the 3rd time at a local
My body was ready and conditioned.   About 15 people took the Pre-Academy class with me in Echo and
9 people showed up from that class.
Out of 9 only 3 folks passed the test.
I think about 150 people showed up to take the City Lifeguard test and I saw many people fail or just quit in
the middle of the test because they did not have good endurance - they just gassed out.  It was sad.
Jaguar was in a swim team in Peru and on the dummy tow he was faster than some of the Water Polo
Team Players.  

(check out a video of Jaguar on his dummy tow test.  You have to swim 25 yards and go under water 10
feet and pick up the 50 pound dummy and swim back 25 yards under 1 minute and 18 seconds)
Me (aka Ocean Yoga)
However when it came to swim race the Water Polo Players turned into a Dolphin.  They were so
fast.  After our test we got interviewed and  my total point was 98.  100 was the most you can get.
Check out Jaguar on the lap swim test ( Swim 200 yards under 3 minutes and 52 seconds: 2 laps
breast stroke, 2 laps back stroke, 2 laps side stroke, and 2 laps crawl stroke :
Everything was over at 2pm.  We spent 6 hours at the test site.
This is me (Ocean Yoga) ranting about the test:
Jaguar and I are going to the same L.A. City Lifeguard Academy  in June.  They
pay us to work out and learn cos were going to save lives.

Before the test this is what I ate for breakfast.
-Wheat raisin bagel with Tofutti
-One glass of Orange Juice with 1 table spoon of spirulina
-One glass of Acai Juice with Hemp Protein Powder
(I didnt want to eat too heavy)

Between swim test:
- I had 3 bananas
- 2 bottle coconut water  (the ones with electrolytes/got it at Health Food Store)
- 2 bottle of Acai juice.

L.A. City Lifeguard web site.