April 22nd 2007
Well not much going on these days just thinking and thinking..
I need some changes in my life.    
Getting some early sun shine on my body for vitamin D.
Incase you didn't know - I live on top of the hills.  So i go jogging a lot.
Later on went to South Central L.A. to hang out at Kwaku's house.
He is lawyer and was a member of L.A.  Black Panther Party under the
leadership of Elaine Brown when Huey was in exile in Cuba.
.  This was in the mid 70's.
Later on Kwaku started the New Panther Vanguard Movement.
In late afternoon drove into the Blood neighborhood to hang out with my revolutionary Gangster friend Bloodhound.
The frame he is holding is autographed and it's limited edition.  Worth a lot of $$$
This is Bloodhounds low rider - He has like 5 cars.
i have to let everyone know that I am really proud of my roomate Will.
he sings for Silverdagger and they performed at Part Time Punks in
Echo Park.
Christine flirting at the Part Time Punks club.
Mika Miko
playing for Silverdaggers
Silverdagggers are on load records
I was having too much fun so forgot to
take photos of the crowd.