Monday, August 10th, 2009
On our day off we work out at the beach and swim very far.
Having a good time at the beach.  David, Nick, Me (with a carrot)
and Ramon.  David used to teach Surfing in South Africa.
As you can tell we stay at the beach for hours because the
sun is already going down.
Dave and Nick finishing the 1000 meter swim at Santa Monica
Beach. We all did one mile swim.  
Nick and Ramon did 2 mile swim non-stop.  I got tired after my
one mile swim.  Due to I dont have that much body fat I get cold
too easily when the sun goes down.  So I just did one mile non
stop and got out.  However Nick and Ramon are machines.
Below video is me swimming by myself in June                             This video was recorded the same day as the photos
                                                                                                       were taken.  :)