AUGUST 20th - 2006
I am so lucky that I have Hipster roomates cos
they got me free pass to the Fuck Yeah Fest.
This weekend has been just a big non stop party.
The Fuck Yeah fest went on for 3 days.....
We rode our bike to the Fuck Yeah Fest.
About 15 min ride.  Someone stold my bicycle
headlight today at the Fuck yeah fest.
From L-R : Chris, Me and John
me and Dean from No Age
Me and the singer from Partyline (she used to sing for
Bratmobile - Riot Grrrl band from the 90's)
This is my vegetarian Hipster friend Clyde - He used to play
for Autonomy and even tried out for Resist and Exist couple
years back.  This Hipster has style!!!
Chris working at the Fuck yeah fest
Mika Miko
That blow dryer is her mic - Mika Miko
Mika Miko got signed to Kill Rock Star record label.
I used to book their shows couple years back when
they were called "Dead Banana Ladies" - Anarcho
Punk band....  But Mika Miko is much much better!!!
Mika Miko - I have no idea how she did this but she made the
phone as her mic
Partyline (ex-Bratmobile)
this is my roomate Nate - we live in a big co-op house and
we ride bikes.
me and Allison from Partyline (ex- Bratmobile)

My roomate Will from Silverdaggers is in Jail so Dean from NO
AGE hung the banner and kept saying "FREE WILL"
Thats my roomate Camryn doing the sound system on far left
my roomates: camryn, Irina and Me
me and Emo Bill
Mika Miko
me and Jessie from Mika Miko (back stage)