August 23rd 2006
Me, Gene, Cecilia, Sara and Stephanie went to a hardcore show in South Central-L.A.
to check out  UG MAN (from Japan),   Charm (from Japan),  Conquest for Death (Bay Area, ex-WHAT HAPPENS
NEXT?), Fight With No Fear (local band, ex-KONTRAATTAQUE, HARTO) at the CHUCO JUSTICE CENTER on 253
W. Martin Luther King Blvd.  My friend Austin and Joaquin from Southern California Anarchist Federation/Cop Watch
runs this place with few other folks.  I am really proud of them>><<
This is Austin who played guitar on Resist and Exist - Kwangju CD about
6 years ago.  Now he is a community organizer and works with youth
groups.  He is speaking about the community space at the show.
The show room is at the front and the back room is office
space for political work.
This is Joaquin.  He is an awesome community
Check out this painting.  Brown Berets on the left and Black
Panther Party on the right...  Youth Justice Coalition!!
Volunteers working at the door
He needs a haircut...  Austin and I.   
These were on the wall...
This band is from Japan.  Check out the homemade stand
up bass.  The singer had this mask on for the entire set.
photo with the touring band from japan
Check out Cecilia tattoo - Soy Milk with
Animal Liberation...
Sarah, Gene, Cecilia and Stephanie.
After the show we went to a grocery store - it was almost 12
but the party must continue...
We went to go visit Ralf at Club Moscow and
our night away.
Cecilia and Sara dancing.. I was dancing
and taking pictures at the same time.
gene and stephanie
party animals (except Ralf)
too bad Ralf is working....