August 1st 2006
My friends came over at 4 am and we went to the beach to meditate + swim.
Ralf meditating front of the Ocean
me meditating
me again
Boris meditating

Meditation clears your mind. Some people may not have experience with
meditation so I'd like to share a bit about how to engage in it.

I think the best place to meditate is the ocean, near the water, before the
sun rises.  The ocean is quite peaceful as this is where life began. We all have
salt water in our bodies.

1) Find your spot in front of the ocean to meditate. Try to sit as close to
the water as you can, although, be cautious of high tides as waves can be
powerful and the water cold. At first just sit and relax. Stare into the
ocean. Clear your mind. Try not to think about anything other than the
movement of the ocean. If you have any problems (sadness, anger, jealousy,
anxiety) let it all go and just focus on the sea.

2) Take few deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and breathe
out through your nose. Do this slowly. Close your eyes. Listen to the
sounds of nature. Focus on listening to the waves and the seagulls. Feel
the breeze and smell the fresh air. You're now in the meditation stage. You
should have your eyes closed to enhance your ability to focus completely.

3) Now I want you to visualize an image of you sitting on the same beach
you're on. Now visualize from where your sitting with out even opening
your eyes- I want you to picture the view from where you're at. Slowly
bring out your buddy and head towards the ocean. You are flying by yourself.
This is your soul heading towards the sea. Look down and see the dolphins
swimming in the direction that you're flying in, see the whales. Look at
the view and now it's full daylight.

4) Let's fly faster and head towards land. Let's head toward South America.
Picture fast moving images. Were flying to the rain forest, filled with
lush green trees. Smell the rainforest air and take a deep breath.

5) Now we're going to fly straight up into the sky. Take yourself up. Look
at the clouds, the sun. If you look down the clouds appear to be land.
Keep flying and look at the clouds below you. They are covering the ocean

6) Take another deep breath because now we're going to fly up into space.
Visualize fast moving images again...going very fast and passing other
planets in the galaxy. No matter how fast we go, it's all space, filled
with stars.

7) Take a deep breath because now were going to head back. As we speed back
to earth we will pass many planets. See the earth go down quickly. Pass
through the clouds. You see land. You're dropping back into your body
fast. As you're dropping you see yourself sitting on the beach and you're
going to drop straight back into your body.

8) You feel the chill. Keep your eyes closed and just relax and listen to
the sounds around you. You're going to come out of the mediation now and
slowly open your eyes.

9) This should have been at least a one hour meditation. Now stay in that
position. Don't move. Open your eyes slowly. Just look at the ocean and
the waves without moving your head.
Now it's time to think. Your going to ask youself questions about what makes
you happy in your life and how your going to change the things you are
unhappy with. Ask yourself the questions and answer them back. Tell
yourself what bothers you and what you can do to solve the problem. This is
the chance to really get to know yourself. Think before you speak. What is
Think about what makes you happy and how you can achieve these things.

Meditation 2- This meditation is when you're angry.

First you need to purchase a yoga or new age music CD. Turn the music on
low volume. If this is your first time and you've never done this before,
get an alarm and set it for 40 minutes, which is a short duration for

Sit and relax. Control your breathing. As you sit focus on slowing your
Close your eyes. What you will see is darkness. At first try not to think
too much. Just make your mind numb and let it all go. Your body is relaxed.
Follow what ever your brain is thinking. You don't control your brain and
what it occupies itself with. Your brain thinks for you. What do you see
in the picture? There are good thoughts and bad thoughts. Past and
present. What is bothering you? What makes you angry? How can you solve
this problem? You are trying to find a solution to heal as negative
thoughts flood your mind. This might take a long time. When the alarm goes
off after 40 minutes do not jump up quickly. Don't immediately open your
eyes. Let it go on. Be very slow in opening your eyes and get up very
slowly and take your time in getting to the alarm.

Meditation can be done almost anywhere but don't meditate on a train unless
you're an expert. One time I was meditating on the metro train and I got in
really deep and I couldn't get out of it. I ended up completely missing my

I normally do yoga after I meditate. I suggest that people who've never
meditated take a yoga class at your local community college or purchase an
insructional book or video. If you don't know how to do yoga, just do basic
body stretching.

Meditation heals. If anyone has different techniques on mediatation,
I would like to hear from you.  Because some people just think of one word or
vision something else when they meditate.
My idea of meditation is self healing and getting to know yourself.
It means different things to different people. I talked to a Yogi who
suggested that I meditate on the beach. I'm just a beginner but I believe people
who meditate for years see vivid images. This makes sense because we are all
made out of energy and water.
We have energy in us, good and evil.

Study and read The Tao. People have been meditating for thousands of years,
from India to China and now it is a worldwide practice.

by- Jang Lee  :)
Ralf and Crystal