Tim (Black Belt) and Me (white belt).  Tim knows Muay Tai Boxing,
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
(his teacher is Royce Gracie),  kenpo karate
and couple other martial art
me at the gallery
this looks spooky
this is Zack - I havent seen him since 1983.  We used to go to
Emerson Junior High school - back then he had a mohawk.
Christian (old Anarcho Punk friend) and his partner
me and Alex (aka Boxer) - I met him in 1983 and he was the
founder and the leader of West Side Lads (Los Angeles Death
Squad) - He used to be much taller.
my buddy eric
eric, kai and me at a party
me and tiffany
Brent (we work together) and his partner (sorry I forgot her name)

August 4, 2006
Today was total 80's flashback - ran into some old folks