Tuesday, February 03, 2009
OceanYoga videos:Stealing a salad from Bllodhound,Sufer with
a knive,Breaking my back from Yoga
J.Lee (aka Ocean Yoga) and Bloodhound are filmed by Sensei
Gill in a short film about healthy eating presented thru a comedy
Bloodhound laughs as knives fall from surfer.
short film that shows thru comedy - that people dont always
practice what they preach (esp when it comes to non-violence ). The
Surfer was played by Ocean Yoga (aka J.Lee)
PS He does not really
carry knives anymore ( ha ha ) after speaking to Bloodhound he started
to carry a assault rifle but only when he is surfing to pertect himself
from sharks.
I saw JAWS ( the movie) did you?
Ocean Yoga takes Yoga lesson from a Yogi
And ends up breaking his back !