Sherman speaking to the crowd
Joaquin from Cop Watch doing guest vocals
Sherman Austin saluting "All Power to the People"
Me saluting the late 60's Hippie Peace sign.
Photo take 2:
South-Central farmer's Market
Feb - 04 - 2007
(I got this from the South Central farm web site)

Almost nine months after the South Central Farmers were forcibly removed from fourteen
acres of urban farmland that they painstakingly rehabilitated from an informal dumping
ground and drug haven transforming it into a thriving Farm, the Farmers have given birth to
a new labor of love, their Bringing Food to the ‘Hood campaign.
The Farmers’ Bringing Food to the ‘Hood campaign is the brainchild of their newly
restructured and reenergized organization, the South Central Farmers Health and Education
Fund (SCFHEF), a 501c.3 charitable non-profit group.  The Campaign fatefully and very
intentionally emerged from the dark and desolate remains of the Farm, mimicking the
emergence of the famous lotus blossoms that once a year burst forth from the muck and
muddy waters of Echo Park Lake near downtown Los Angeles.
The intentional part of the Farmers’ fate is their bold and resolute proclamation that “you
can kill the farmers’ farm, but you can’t kill the farmers’ power to keep Bringing Food to the
‘Hood.  The Campaign is part of a larger plan to address community food security issues
through comprehensive and multi-faceted efforts that engage multiple stakeholders and
constituencies in planning for and implementing viable food systems that feed hungry
families in underserved urban neighborhoods of Los Angeles.
As part of their ambitious campaign to keep Bringing Food to the ‘Hood, the SCFHEF hosts
a monthly Tianguis marketplace in collaboration with various community-based
organizations, artisans, and local merchants.  Every first Sunday of the month, the Tianguis
transforms public space surrounding the original 14-acre farm into a site for healthy eating,
healthy economics, and healthy relationships.  The Tianguis capitalizes on local cultural and
social assets in an effort to rebuild community out of the void left behind when developer
Horrowitz bulldozed and razed the farm on June 13, 2006.  
At the February 4 Tianguis, the SCFHEF will roll out The BIG Fruit Tree Giveaway in
collaboration with Tree People. One hundred fruit trees will be distributed to neighborhood
families.  The Farmers want every tree that was bulldozed, killed, or forcibly removed from
the South Central Farm to be lovingly replaced by a new sapling of potential and hope in
South Central Los Angeles.  Tree types will include passion fruit, apples, apricots,
nectarines, loquats, peaches, cherimoya, plums, and guavas
WHAT:           1) SCFHEF Tianguis—A Celebration of Black-Brown Unity
                        2) The Big Fruit Tree Giveaway
                        3) Music and entertainment  
WHEN:           Sunday, February 4, 2007 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
WHERE:        On 41st Street, between Long Beach and Alameda
The SCFHEF Community Center & Gallery
1702 E. 41st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90058
WHY:              The SCFHEF will commemorate African American History Month by
highlighting noteworthy examples of Black-Brown Unity in Los Angeles.  The South Central
Farmers recognize and honor the contribution of numerous African American brothers and
sisters to the struggle to save the farm.  These acts of solidarity exemplify the kind of unity
needed in communities of color to radically transform their collective experience and shared