Happy Birthday Uncle  2/17/2007
It's a Korean tradition to bow to elders
Min's family getting ready to bow
Eun bowing to her parents
This is my uncle - Happy Birthday
my other uncle
This is my Aunt who raised me when I was very young
My grandma had 9 kids ( 7 of them are still alive).  I dont understand why
my cousins didn't start some kind of a organized crime family.
They could of started a Korean Mafia and made my grandma proud. (I'm
just kidding)
This is me with my uncle and aunt + relatives
Won and I grew up together.  He is a lawyer and lives in Korea.
His wife is a lawyer too
I forgot her name but I havent seen her since 1983.
Thats my dads oldest sisters daughter.
me and Min - we grew up together
Joe's grandma.