Feb 19th is my birthday but we decided to have a birthday party at
my pad for me, ralf, and joaquin.
Yummy vegan food
me and my sister
Ralf and his family
Jenny and Matt (aka Rampage)
me and Rampage - we used to be in the August Collective
about 8 years ago
My buddy Joaquin - he needs to sleep more
me and my best friend
Chris (aka Squelch)
They work at Bar Sinister
me and the rock star (guitarist from AZTLAN UNDERGROUND)
Christine and Adam - we used to organize Anarchist gatherings
+ Food not Bombs about 16 years ago.
Adam is married now and lives in the East Coast.
Me and Christine (my ex girlfriend) - we both used to live at the
Falcoln Co-Op House many years ago.
Later on that night we went to Club London to look for a boyfriend
for  Tricia and Christine
Me passed out - I was tired
Tricia and her future boyfriend?