I was really busy in 2009 so i didnt
take that many photos.  These are
all random pics from 2009.
Good Bye 2009
Me and Ralf
Dinner party for Rodolfo (Anarchist Lawyer from Venezuela)
My best friend Katie visiting Me again for the summer
2009. Eating all my food and giving me lectures..
Thats Stacy on the left.
In 2009 I had 3 part time jobs.  During the day I would lifeguard.  And night time I was working at a Night Club.
Club Moscow every wednesday we get 300-400 Hipsters. Bar Sinister on Saturday we get about 200-300
Goth, Industrial and Fetish Crowd,  House we get about 200 dancers every friday night and we also had
Asian Hip hop night  and private club parties.  Sometimes I would just get 5 hours of sleep and get ready for
work the next day.
I have no idea who this lady is. But we have to be nice to customers and take photos together if asked.
Goodbye 2009