Thursday Jan 22nd 2009
Amebix show at the EchoPlex in Echo Park.  They haven't played
for 20 years and it was the first show ever in USA.
I used to love this band when I was in high school.
This gig was like a re-union show with old friends.
Amebix and Jimmy Emo
Old friends: Chauch (Mad Grinder), Edy (Autonomy), Adon and
Jimmy Emo
Old Crust punks now all grown up but still young in heart.
What a re-union...   
Edy and Jenny
Brian (used to play for vegan reich), me and Jaime.
Kids from the 80's now all adults
Me and Brian - old friend from the mid 80's.
he used to run a zine called Dreams of Tomorrow.
Friends from the early 90's: Ruben or Henry? Chauch and
John Lee
My good old friend from the late 80's: Peter from Filthy Fuckin
Punx fanzine and guitarist of 90's punk band called Holocaust.
Friends from the 80's: Molly and Mark Denny.
Mark and I.