Sunday July 1st - Party at my pad
My roomate Will threw this party and bunch of Hipsters invaded our house
my roomates
2 skinhead dudes making out
this is in our living room
party animals
Check out this ROCKER.  I have no idea who he is
but he was standing on top of our couch and
dancing all wild.
Does anyone know who this ROCKER is?
Later on we had a DJ
Party ended at 4am
This is what we did in the day time
Couple days later I went to Yvettes pad and she made me this vegan food

- I was hanging out in this neighborhood before it got gentrified. (Christine)
- Do you hang out at the Echo or Club Moscow? (Ralf)
- Do you know Clyde (the Echo Park scenester) (everyone)
- Whats up with all these losers at this party (this is Clydes pick up line)
- Like my new hair style? (Katie)
- Lets go hang out at the biclycle kitchen (Nate)
- Would you like to go to the next anti war protest with me (Tricias pick up line)
- Are you vegan or vegetarian? (Tricia)
- Come with me to this art show (Bill's pick up line)