This is me with Katies bike - I have a bottle of water in my
back pack and some snacks + a flashing red light on my back
so the cars wont hit me.  If you look close theirs a small
flashing white light on front of the bicycle handle.  It's a bad
idea to dress in all black at night time when your riding a bike.
I have yellow glasses on so I wont get flying bugs in my eyes
and I can see much better at night with these on.
July 14, 2006
After-Dark Bicycle Riding
This is in my neighborhood:
midnight riders
Meet at Echo Park and Sunset Boulevard.
What: Midnight Ridazz Bike Ride.
When: 9:30 p.m., second Friday of every month; (ride at 10 p.m.)
this is my buddy shawn - we used to live together in
co-op house.  shawn is a radical school teacher and works with
scaf and the anarchist people of color group - he is a good
community organizer and i am really proud of him.
hell yeah - block those suv's
Below: i used my digital camera to record this and it has no