Saturday July 15th 2006
Thank you Wil, Greg and the Radical Change L.A. folks.
The best thing about this show was they had yummy
vegan food.  Go down below to check out some pics that I
took.  It was a small turn out but I had a great time at this
Folk This (Anarchist Folk band from SF- thats Ramsey from Ak Press)
Shannon and Holly
me and Shannon
I love this women - she is an animal rights activist lawyer and just
made a documentary film called "Behind the Mask" (A.L.F. film)
Sea Sehpherd Conservation Society
Radical Change L.A. booth
Entartete Kunst (Anarchist Hip Hop band from SF)
Aztlan Underground
Aztlan Underground
Aztlan Underground
Anima Mundi
Anima Mundi (this band blows away Resist and Exist)
Anima Mundi  ( notice that they have two drummers)
crowd shot
When I was leaving the show I saw this car accident

Radical Change L.A. is a newly-formed activist collective focusing on community organizing and coalition
building across barriers of race, gender, class and culture.
We are an outgrowth of the Los Angeles punk underground which aims to channel much of the anger and
despair of the punk/alternative scene into the creation of positive, empowering, sustainable solutions. Our
membership is in no way limited to punks -- we welcome anyone and everyone with a desire to contribute their
time and energy toward building a better world.
We believe in a world without war, hunger, pollution, oppression, hierarchies, borders, discrimination,
consumerism and greed. We believe that everyone has a right to food, shelter, healthcare and education. We
respect the earth, and all life upon it.
Our focus is creating change on a community scale. We intend to assist individual communities through
education, community service and support, community organizing, advocacy and direct action. We expect to learn
at least as much as we teach, and place our focus on the specific needs and concerns of each individual
Our long-term goal is to help empower individual communities to achieve urban sustainability through
Permaculture and social activism. In the face of the coming Peak Oil/Global Warming crisis, we believe that it is
the bonds between people and their respective communities that will provide the fuel for the struggle to help to
return power from on high to the people themselves.
Apathy is our common enemy. Radical Change begins with the decision to act.
If you would like to become involved, please contact us at