June 03 2007
South-Cetral Farm    Chris, Trica and me
Reyna from Cop Watch and me
Chicana Power tattoo
South central farm
Brown Berets doing security
Later on we went to VP Dsicount.  My favorite health Food
Store.  Cross street is Beverly Blvd and Faifax Avenue

ANGELES, CA 90048 TEL-1-323-658-6506
Chris giving me a lecture
Chris had to take some photos for her Art Class so we went to the Beverly Center.
ok - the photos were too dry and boring poses.  So we went inside to another store.
I know what your thinking but we were doing this in the mall.  We are not uptight and we believe in 1967
sexual revolution.... (Hippy in heart)....
My friends are feminist (liberated women and they dont give a fuck)
One of the employees kicked us out so we went to this
furniture store to take more pics.
Later on the mall security came and escorted us out.
We had extra cash to blow - so went to this organic vegan place
called Real Food Daily.
414 N. La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone:(310) 289-9910
Since we are all single - went to club Echo for the Part Time
Punks club to look for partners but the place was empty.
They mostly play ElectroClash dance music.

This is what you end up doing if you live in Echo Park for too