Sunday June 11th

I made few phone calls to see if any of my old friends wanted to go see The Varukers.
I guess nobody was interested.  I was thinking about not going but I wanted to see  Will, Greg from
Anima Mundi and Mark (ADS).  
.  I used to love this band when I was in high school.  My favorite album from them was "Prepare for
Attack" LP and "One Struggle One Fight"LP.  
Katie told me she will just meet me for lunch in Hollywood.  So we met at the Hollywood farmers market.
Katie works for this TV station
- I have no idea what she
does but she was on her
lunch break.
So we hung out for like 40
minutes and took some pics
So I had like 3 hours to kill in Hollywood.  I went to this book store and
read about Black Hole, Time Machine / Time Travel....
Ran into my old friend Garry at the Knitting factory
me and Kristins dad (lhis daughter sings for Naked
Hanging out with A.D.S. & Anima Mundi
Oddy(Broken Bones/Conflict) and Tammy (ex- Nature Core vocalist)
Sheepdog (WHY? zine) and Jay (Pestilence)
My old peace punk friend from the 80's
The Varukers
I have no idea who was fighting
Ron Martinez (ex vocalist of Final Conflict) and his partner