Saturday, June 18, 2005

Suicide Girls

(I'm kind of confused about this.  I was looking at the message board and people were talking  
about the sucide girl web site.  I have no problem with naked body or people posing nude - I see it as a form of art.  

But a lot of people think it's exploitation.  Is the suicide girl web site promoting sexual revolution or exploitation?    Here's couple
of the stuff that I posted what people had to say on PE message board)

"i don't see the difference between a barbie doll in mainstream media and a barbie doll in alternative media; its all based
around the same principles."

Evil Angel
It's degrading!! During the late 80's, most alternative/punk girls would've even dare to bare themselves to public for money.
And now that shit....."

"I've had several friends on this site and one particular friend who wants to be on the site, but wasn't "accepted." she's now
convinced its because she wasn't skinny enough! Like Furie said, it's exactly the same as the mainstream, just sold as something
"alternative." I fail to see what is so alternative about skinny white girls doing degrading poses for money."

Hello Kitty Frowns
"...another way to exploit two things at once:
1) women
2) our punk culture

that is some bullshit!!

I think it is DISGUSTING!!!!!
Besides the fact that they are all Hot Topic 'models'....isn't that enough for us to see that site/etc is nothing but dog shit...."

"Suicide Girls.. Alternative to what??? Ok so, maybe we're in the midst god fearing christian republican times here. But those
images aint really all that alternative. It's the same crap as mainstream society is marketing.
The same bullshit images that thin is good, fat is bad. Certain phisical features are good, & certain ones are not "attractive".
It's all a bunch of shallow superficial bullshit. Save you're plastic barbie doll image for some trendy jock. Don't try to
brainwash me into thinking thats "hott". It aint gonna work, no matter how many times certain images are plastered
EVERYWHERE (naked or clothed)! Don't insult me or my "non acceptable image" friends like that!

And whats up with this bullshit around the "punk" scene lately.. It's like girls are putting each other down for image shit
faaaaar more than alot of the guys are. Fucking hell.. "

Justin Mayday
"I will also say this, and probably take shit for it...: fantasy and objectification,.,its not always negative. . . its called fantasy. I
mean if you watch a porno or something.. Its not making you a horrible person. I guess i mean that just because peopel are into
the suicide girls getting doenst mean that they think the girls are ONLY good ot be naked or something. Maybe they
are just lonely or horny and want to look at girls they find attractive. Thats pretty much human nature. I dont see how looking
at an actual picture is any worse than thinking of one in your mind."

Crasher Crustie
"i had a look at the site and went through the profiles,i think the girls on the site just do it to make them feel good about
themselves,its a bit of escapism,it makes them feel special.i dont think all the girls are skinny barbie dolls either and not all of
them are white,and i did think there were some very attractive women on there,you dont see many women who look that way
around here.yes i can see the damage it can do to women involved in the punk scene because of jock idiots seeing the site and
assuming that goth/punk girls are just whores and it also demeans the battle that punk women have had to fight since punk
started.but its up to themselves what they do.i think the site should involve men just to balance it out.if it was just punks
looking at the site then there woulent be too bad a problem,i think the problem lies with arseholes from outside goth/punk
assuming these girls are up for anything."

"the girls on that site chose to be there. so really,who are any of us to pass judgement?
if you dont like it,dont look at it."
I heard about the Suicide girls a few years ago and I thought it was really cool. I DIDN'T THINK THE GIRLS
PUNK GIRLS. I hadn't been to the website for a long time and i did recently and i think it has changed a lot.
It really does seem mainstream now, and all the girls are starting to look the same. I thought they were all
so cute and original and it just looks kinda like playboy now, except the girls have like different color hair. I
don't see it as an exploitation of punk or goth or whatever. I'm not going to say that I think it's a terrible
thing, it's not like they are being forced into it, they want to do it and that's their buisiness. They are
showing off their own bodies and their own personal looks. I don't think it's such a big deal, and I don't
understand why these "punk" girls are getting so mad they are representing their own personality and
style not the entire punk scenes! I don't like it as much as I used to though.

Posted by Lauren on Sunday, June 19, 2005 at 1:30 AM
Look, theres nothing wrong with women getting naked and posing for sexy pics.It's not
degrading, if anything it's glorifing these girls.It's way shallow but that's what it's for.Sometimes i
get bored of people and i want to see eye candy just for fun and others want to check it out for
sexual pleasure.Either way there's a time and a place for such things.It's not a big deal.If you've
got serious problems with the website it's probably just your own insecurities surfacing in the
form of riddicule.

Posted by Rattleshakin' Mama on Sunday, June 19, 2005 at 9:04 PM
I actually had  a good friend who was a member of the site and she wasn't sexist nor was she a
"whore."  She had strong respect for herself and that is something to be recognized.  Why though?
 Because some must imply that generally all sucide girls are "punk rock barbie dolls."  She wasn't
a barbie doll of any altnerative looks herself, she actually had a very masculine look(she kinda did
look like a boy even with her long hair).  

In conclusion, many of these woman enjoy sex just as much as anyonelse does, and if a critic or
individual finds the woman on the site to be female demeaning than I say...what is honestly wrong
with posing nude?  Whomever you are, I find that you are deriving your perceptions from
judeo-christian ideals.   

Posted by What It Meant G.M.T(XVX) on Wednesday, June 22, 2005 at
I'm not sure what I think of Suicide Girls. I enjoyed membership for 3 months. I was thinking about doing it
myself, but I'm not photogenic. The world is just fucked up, I'm along for the ride and there are probably
bigger things to worry about than consentual nude photography.

Posted by wunderkind on Sunday, June 26, 2005 at 9:52 AM
You read my mind.

Posted by [the keiko] on Sunday, August 07, 2005 at 11:21 PM
A couple years ago i found out a certain someone was looking at the suicide girls website so I checked it out
and saw what it was and applied to be a suicide girl hahah because I wanted to see if I'd get accepted. I sent in
some pictures of myself (I am slightly chubby and half-white, and I HATE malibu barbies and wouldn't touch a
bottle of bleach with a ten foot pole. Also my boobies are real and I have NO tattoos) and so they ended up
accepting me as a SG. I didn't go through with it or become a suicide girl in the end because I didn't want the
entire world to see me naked (they sure as hell don't deserve it) - I was just curious to see if I would be accepted.
But I think that my actions (applying just to see if I was "good enough") were a little childish - I mean, why should
I care if some punk porn (it isn't even really porn by the way, more like pin-ups) site thinks I'm hot when i KNOW i
am!! haha anyway I would say to all people who are against suicide girls - don't be against it because a majority
of the girls are a healthy weight (don't bag on skinny girls cause you got 20 lbs to lose or don't bag on fat girls
cause you think they are just lazy - some people just have more to love and some people are just buff - criticizing
their bodies doesn't score you any points) What can be criticized is how society in general views our bodies, and
when it comes to Suicide Girls I think their site is in OPPOSITION to society's views on womens bodies and on
sex - after all, the site is not hardcore porn, it is tatsteful pin-up style art nudity, with interesting people as the
models rather than the types of women who are in more mainstream nude pics - also, women have beautiful
bodies and strong minds. If a woman wants to get naked for the world to see (for whatever reason) it is
condescending and judgemental to say to her that her choice is not valid. So basically I would say if you like
Suicide Girls - look at it, be a part of it, whatever - and if not, don't. But DON'T demean the women who are on the
site by criticizing their bodies, their choices, or their "scene cred" because you don't KNOW them and it isn't nice
to judge (or to be judged) unfairly. Society does enough of that for us women already, we don't need to do it to
each other, too! And as for the guys who look at it (99% of guys are pigs anyway) i think at the very least they are
sending the message that suicide girls is what they'd prefer to see rather than mainstream porn - and promoting
that alternative is a small step toward changing society's views on women. I mean, imagine a society where
beauty is valued in all of it's unique forms (suicide girls presenting one angle - the punk/tattoo/alternative)
instead of just when it conforms to the image the media uses of the white, tall, skinny, dumb blonde.

Posted by Sheila on Sunday, July 10, 2005 at 10:54 AM
hmmm...i didn't see any punks on there!!

Posted by shane on Saturday, August 20, 2005 at 1:58 PM
I am against Suicide Girls for a number of reasons:
1. As an anarchist I am anti-capitalist. I am disgusted at the way our system finds a way to put
a price on everything. You can't be paying for something and sex positive at the same time.

2. It fetishises a look (punk rock) that many women have found safety in. I don't have tattoos to
be sexy.

3. It makes women sex objects and promotes rape culture, even if the women are alternative
and their body types are diverse. ( To quote Conflict "Advertising promotes woman as a sex
object only there to be raped")

There are a number of other reasons that I am a bit too lazy to list. But I do want to put out
there that I in no way judge these women. We do what we have to do to get by. I get bummed
knowing that I would make more money selling sex than my mind will ever get me, but that's
the world we live in.

Posted by The Real Nicole on Saturday, August 27, 2005 at 2:33 PM

What's your opinion on
Suicide Girls web site?