I've been a American Red Cross Lifeguard for one year and I just finished my rookie school for the L.A.
City Lifeguard.  The rookie school was hard and very intense due to I never had a swimming background
in the past like - Water Polo Team or Swim Team in high school or college.
I graduated from the Rookie school on Sunday June 28th,  Now I'm a certified L.A. City Lifeguard.

Did you know before you go to the rookie school they send you to get X-rays, eye vision  test, finger prints
for live scans, skin test and even drug test.  Sadly one of my good friend who swim all his life did not pass
the drug test because he smokes weed.  About 80 people enter the rookie school and we were all divided
into different squads.  Couple people dropped out and 2 girls got kicked out for cheating on the writing
test.  I have to say that the L.A. City Lifeguard rookie school was the hardest challenge I ever had in my
I almost thought about quiting and I want to thank Lifeguard Nick who kept leaving messages on my
answering machine to not give up.  And to Ramon and Ernest for pushing me to work out hard and people
from my squad who gave me advice and help me out.  
It's really hard to explain in words what it was like. But I did it!

                (I was so proud that when I graduated from the L.A. City Lifeguard Rookie School that I slept       
                   with my gear on. It was the hardest work out..)

This short interview was done with my buddy Ramon - a day after our graduation:
Sunday June 28th, 2009