Tuesday, March 13, 2007 - Free the Panther 8 rally in Los Angeles
Black Riders Liberation Party doing security
Sherman Austin from Cop Watch doing security
Bilal Ali
Crowd shot
Crowd shot
Ray Boudreaux (Panther 8) Wife
Ray Boudreaux (Panther 8) sister
Cop Watch member speaking
Crowd shot
Mo from Asians for Mumia
Cop Watch
The Arrest
This cop looks very bored
This cop gives asians a bad name.
Later on went to go grab some food and look who I ran into
Then I went to the bookstore and ran into Wayne Pharr
(orginal member of Southern California Black Panther Party)
RE: Today March and Rallyto Free the SF Black Panther 8

Tuesday, March 13,
press conference, rally and march @ 6:00
Leimert Park, (43rd Place and Crenshaw Blvd)
(marching up Crenshaw to MLK and back)

Recently eight elders, former Black Panthers were arrested and charged
with murder and conspiracy in a 35-year-old case based on torture of
some of the accused and the one state's witness by the New orleans
Police under the supervision of the SFPD, LAPD, and NYPD. Local
residents Ray Boureaux and Hank Jones, former LA Black Panther Harold
Taylor, and five others, (including long-held political prisoners
Herman Bell and Jalil Muntaqin of the New York Three) are now facing
trial in San Francisco. A bail reduction hearing is set for Tuesday,
March 13. Following up on several recent successful events in support
of the dropping the charges, including a demonstration at the downtown
federal building and a benefit film showing, the Unity Mission to Free
the Eight has scheduled the following activities: