March 17th 2007 - Anti War Rally in Hollywood
Vietnam War Veteran Jay with his son
protesting against the war in Iraq
Muslim Women protesting against the war in Iraq
AWARE: Alliance of White Anti Racists Everywhere
Tricia hodling the rainbow flag
Street Theatre
Sticker reads: FUCK THE POLICE
Boris and Ralf from APEX Union
The banner reads: Veterans for Peace
Street Theatre
Free the Panther 8
Iraq veteran against the war.  
Jim Key told me not only is he against the war
but he is Vegetarian and Gay.  Right on!
"They wont let me get married but they will let
me get killed."  That was a slogan he was
screaming in front of the gay and lesbian
center in Hollywood.
Joaquin from Cop Watch / Revolutionary Autonomous Communities
Hanging out with the activist lawyers
Muslim women against the war in Iraq
D'Angelo from Cop Watch