Tuesday, March 21, 2006

SF trip review / Anarchist Bookfair / Autonomy @ Gilman St (photos)

Before I type this out, I want to make it clear that I don't sing for Autonomy. I'm their band manager. I help them book shows and
promote the band. In couple of weeks they will be playing with Another Destructive System at the Showcase Theatre. Next month
they will be playing with Fallas Del Sistema in Mexico. Early summer they will be recording for a split with Battle of Disarm from
Japan. If everything goes as planned they will tour Japan and Europe by end of this year.

Autonomy is Tricia vocals, Shant bass, Hector guitar and Derek on drums. On Friday members of Autonomy, David and myself drove
up to SF for the Anarchist Bookfair.
We rented a van to stay up there for a couple of days.

The drive was about 8 hours long due to the rain. I like SF a lot because there is a big gay community and people are very open
minded and progressive. It's considered a liberal city. Plus there are many cafes and places that are vegetarian or vegan friendly.
We got to SF late Friday and stayed at this big Warehouse co-op place called Station 40. The place is a communal living space and
sometimes they have events there. There were many futons on the floor for people who come to the city and need a place to crash.
We arrived at approx. 1:00 am. And there were already many people there sleeping and talking over tea.
When I woke up, I introduced myself to many people and was informed that there are approx. 15 people living at Station 40. They have
a refrigerator that is specifically for communal food and that we can eat whatever you want from the main table which had boxes of
fruits. The space is on the 2nd floor in the heart of San Francisco. The place is very thriving and the space is very inspiring with
empowering posters and revolutionary rants throughout. There is also a zine library and a Armoire with free clothes for people to take.
They have a computer and a drop screen for movie nights.

Later on Saturday afternoon we went to Herbivore with members of Anima Mundi from Los Angeles and ate some good organic vegan
(enjoying organic vegan meal with Anima Mundi)
We then went to the Anarchist Bookfair, which they have every year during this time.
It was inside a big hall with tables and booths set up by radical book distros. They
had all kinds of Anarchist Books: situationist, feminist, anarcho syndicalist, union
organizing, history, anarcho communist, sexuality, and environmentalist etc
Literature. There were also many zines, radical posters, and silk screened items.
The crowd that attended this event was very diverse with punk rockers,
students, activist, teachers, lawyers, community organizers, travelers, and
squatters. It was awesome because there were people of all ages.
Attending events like this gives me more hope in humanity and it makes
me happy to see that there are a lot of people in this world who share
similar views and want to make changes.
(chris crass- my old friend from the 80's, Christine- We used to live
together at the Falcon Co-Op House in 1993 and did Food Not Bombs
and other political work + my ex-girlfriend from 13 years ago, and Tricia
from Autonomy)
(Taryn and Craig)

I had several weird experiences, with running into my high school
friend that I haven't seen since 1986. I also ran into an old ex-girlfriend
from 1991. She has been married for 9 years and has a girlfriend as
well. I assume they have an open marriage. Another thing I like was
people were sexually open and into open relationships. I'm not saying
everyone was into that just the people I ran into. We ran into a lot of
friends from Los Angeles and Orange County area that came up for
this bookfair.
(Allegra and I / my ex girlfriend from 1991 - it's been 15 years LOL )
(my highschool friend Gretchen.  I havent seen her since 1986 and she is
still down for the cause)
(Ward Churchill speaking at the Anarchist bookfair)
(Lawyers and law students from L.A. at the Anarchist Bookfair)
Me and Ward Churchill
Later on that evening we headed to Gilman St. Yosef set up a benefit show for Anarchy Journal magazine and
Autonomy was headlining this event. So it was an important show for us. Gilman St is a non-profit all ages volunteer
place. Perhaps the longest running DIY punk venue in North America. I missed a lot of the opening bands due to lack
of sleep from the other night. Tears of Gaia is a vegan Straight Edge band from Orange County and they did a good
set with heavy sounding guitars. Next up was Autonomy and they did an awesome set with a lot of new songs. People
were curious because the flyer read Orange County Legendary Peace Punk Band. Autonomy had a lot of raw energy
on stage and was even asked to perform an encore, however they did not. There performance was very similar to that
of old Peace Punk Performance Art bands. They are very energetic, yet dark and have a very intense stage presence.
We met some great folks at the show and arrived at Yosef's pad at 2 or 3 in the morning. We had so much fun goofing
around, joking, and laughing for several hours before we all retired to a long night sleep. The following morning we
ventured out to explore the city of San Francisco and all that the city has to offer. Great food, shops, sightseeing, and
people. It was a fun trip.
(Autonomy @ Giman St
(front of Gilman)
Autonomy media coverage:

(Station 40 Co-op)