Monday, May 01, 2006 - pt. 2

Photos from the May Day Rally in Wilshire / Westlake area 3pm
1 cupcake for $28,023.85 to pay off national debt. ha ha
this is my buddy
right across the street from mc arthur park theirs a labor union center
Unity and CUPcakes!!!!!!! : )

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jang lee,
the same issues are occuring in ontario, Canada right now as well. the six nations 'indians' and the
'whites' are battling for land, but our government in Canada is actually writing agreement forms and
being pro-active. (i currently live in Australia with my partner, Ani) but love to stay in touch with my 'native'
continent, North America. i appreciate your views and love to read them.

Posted by Painter with Intelligence on Monday, May 01, 2006 at 11:39 PM
Today the sound of news helicopters over my apt woke me up..but the busy street i live on was almost dead
silent...the quiet was almost creepy..the busses and bus stops were empty and there was hardly any traffic during
the day in certain parts of la..and my favorite 24 hr/365 restaurant across the street was even closed today..they
dont even close on major holidays or

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From: ZOSO
Date: May 1, 2006 10:49 PM

an estimated million people marched throughout the day in different parts of the city. A MILLION PEOPLE IN LOS

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I wrote this last month...
My Response to those in support of HR4337
By Jang Lee

Following the March 25th "Grand March" and recent High School walkouts in opposition to the HR4337 bill, I've been
engaged in discussions over various internet message boards around the issues of immigration. Before I reiterate some
of the main themes in these discussions, I want to make it clear that most of us here in the United States -
with the exception of American Indians - come from many different countries. Even for those of us born here, our
families, generations back, either came from various parts of Europe as middle or upper class folks or indentured
servants, in chains from Africa to be slaves, or as cheap labor from nations in Asia. The South Western states
(California, Arizona, Texas, etc.) were stolen from Mexico. I could go on, but I think it's all of our responsibilities to study
this history. Not the history we get from conquerors, slave-owners, capitalists and land-owners, but the history that has
emerged through the struggles of radical movements and individuals representing the most oppressed and exploited
One of the myths I constantly come up against is this notion that "illegal immigrants" are taking away "American" jobs.
The real "persons" taking jobs are those corporations who first moved to Southern, anti-union states to pay less wages
and offer no health care in the 80's and now, more often, to third world nations where labor laws are almost non-existent
because of structural adjustement programs enforced by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Practically
everything we consume (shoes, clothing, technologies, toys, etc.) is produced in places like China, Taiwan, Indonesia,
South America, etc. (not to mention here in prisons across the country). The bottom line for corporations is profit. It only
makes sense that they will look for opportunities of cheap labor wherever they can find them.
  Most of the jobs that immgrants (especially immigrants from third world countries) take are those that many
"Americans" - either aspiring to be middle class or fighting for a living wage - will not do. Who washes dishes at most
restaraunts, picks the produce that we purchase in markets or eat in meals, works under terrible conditions in
sweatshops like those in L.A.'s fashion district?
  Another thing that I'm hearing from folks is that "illegal immigrants" are abusing the welfar system. The truth is, to
obtain any of these state services, you have to go through a very grueling and strict process. This process requires
fingerprinting, photos, tons of paperwork, full background checks, social security information or proof of residency, etc.
  My friends and I attended the March 25th rally because we strongly believe in human rights, which citizens of all
countries are entitled to. We, as human beings, need to support one another and be in solidarity across borders. I think
it's important to be critical of the propaganda and lies we are being bombarded with from politicians and the corporate

Turn off the T.V. and get out into the streets for the real news. Tune into alternative media such as KPFK 90.7 FM and