yesterday i received a phone call from hector an hour before i had to go to work. he had an extra DEAD PREZ ticket
(veggie hip hop artist) and wanted to know if i wanted to go to the show. if i would have known earlier i could have
made arrangements with my work however i had prior commitments but their was a work party i decided
to hang out with my co-workers. . i work at a really hip retail store / gallery . the people that i work with are very
creative and talented, they are either artists or musicians ( red rabit, morlucks, 45 grave, end on end, punk rock vatos,.).
the cool thing is that most all of the employees are friends outside of work.. everyone hangs out together.  

if you know where i work.. shhhhhhhhhh.
i dont want people to come visit me..

the party was in downtown L.A.. it was a art gallery show, live bands, dj..etc  people from work put this together and it
was cool to see regular customers there.
emily and jennifer
francisfoxes (nicos boyfriend)
thats me on the right taking a nap.
yvette was selling this for $150.00
yvette and her mom
chris and his partner
chris  became a vegetarian because
his partner gave up smoking :)
jen, me, april and ?
me and kai
shawn (works next door), lauren and ruben

Sunday, May 14, 2006
work party pics