MAY 14,  2006

(flash back from 5 years ago) Anarchist Black Bloc vs Long Beach Cops
(May Day rally)
125 arrested in Long Beach May Day protest
The Associated Press (05-02-01)

LONG BEACH May Day protesters rushed a police line and threw rocks and bottles at officers Tuesday, leading to
125 arrests when the group refused to disperse, authorities said.
Police in riot gear fired rubber bullets or bean bags at the demonstrators after they charged the police line, police
spokeswoman Nancy Tabing said.

Some of the thrown bottles were filled with feces and urine, she said. There were numerous protesters from a
variety of groups, Tabing said. The largest contingent was from a group called the Southern California Anarchist

(I found this online):

May 6, 2001

Long Beach May Day 2001 Legal Update 5/06/01
Recap: Last Tuesday May 1st 100 people were arrested in Down Town Long Beach at the Southern California
Carnival Against Capital; Approximately 75 of those arrested were adults, the other 25 were juveniles. The original
charges placed against the majority of those arrested were Felony Conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor. The
misdemeanor charges ranged from failure to disperse to provoking a riot.

Casualties of the Class War: The participants in the carnival against capital sustained many injuries. Rubber bullet
and bean bag shotguns were fired from as close a 3 feet away into peoples backs. Many had severe rubber bullet
wounds. One individual had a hole blown thru his jeans and several rubber bullets imbedded inches into his leg.
There was also one broken arm, one broken elbow, and many broken and hyper-extended fingers and wrists.

Yesterday, Saturday May 5 after a court support network meeting we learned that there are still 4 adult males being
held in custody at Twin Towers County Jail in Down Town Los Angeles. One of these prisoners is being held in INS
detention and is facing possible deportation. The other three males are facing serious assault charges and are
being held on bail ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 dollars. In addition to these 4 people, there are also 8 John Doe
prisoners who may or may not still be in jail at Twin Towers. There is also still one Juvenile being held.

The first set of arraignments was held last Thursday, May 5. Of those arraigned some had their conspiracy charges
dropped and some did not. The Long Beach Police Department harassed and intimidated court support people and
confiscated all writing utensils (pens and paper). In addition, the LBPD arrested a court support participant for

The next arraignments will be held Wednesday May 11, Thursday May 12, and Friday May 13 at the Down Town
Long Beach courthouse. We are asking for a large showing of support at court on these days.

So far all defendants have plead not guilty!
Ah, the good old days. Where have they gone....?

Posted by Victory! on Monday, May 15, 2006 at 7:46 AM
proof that blac bloc never really worked! I recognize people!! ha ha...
do i sound cynical? oh yes, i am.....
besos y revolucion,

Posted by cocacolachola on Monday, May 15, 2006 at 9:29 AM
awww how cute...

Black bloc style is hott, but the tactics and motivations are/were way off.  You'll
never find me around that shit again.  

Posted by camryn on Monday, May 15, 2006 at 2:23 PM

note: I was not in Black Bloc or part of this protest.  I just went there to take photos and left shortly. Infact I
have no idea who these Anarchist are.. they were all wearing mask.  They were militant...