May 15, 2006
(80's flashback) Animal Rights Protest
Top from L-R:
*Anti Hunting protest in front of Anaheim Convention Center (somekind of hunters convention was going on)
*Another protest at the Anaheim Convention Center
*Tammy and Paige at Anit Fur protest (somewhere in Riverside)
*Michelle, Nichole, ? (hollywood Mc Donalds)
*Dave (O.C. Peace Punks) at the World Week for Lab Animals in UCLA
organized by Last Chance for Animals
* Tammy (Media Children) and Me at the World Weel for Lab Animals
these pics are from 1987 or 88 World Week for Lab Animals at UC Irvine
in Orange County.
"Your Turn Next" was a title of the Concrete Sox album.  Jay (from Why
Zine) and Steve (aka Nedwob A//Solution) are holding the banner.