May17, 2006
(90's flashback) Black Panther Party meets Animal Rights, Feminist and Punk Rockers
Top pics are from ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE event at Koo's cafe
*Boo Black (revolutionary political Hip hop artist)
*James Handy (member of Black Riders Liberation Party - started in prison) - doing a
*not sure who this womyn was but it was Nicole from Odd grrl zine friend (Voices
Against Oppression event)
*Bilal Ali (from Community in Support of the Gang Truce) speaking..

Below was from Voices Against Oppression.
Orginal Panthers who were not in the pic was:
*Kwaku Duren (lawyer Panther member during when Eliane Brown was
in charge)
*Boko( Panther since late 60's vegetarian )
*Kizzy (Panther who is a vegetarian)