I used to live with Brooklyn about 6 years ago.
We used to have an crazy wild open
relationship and lived together for about 6
month.   She moved up north and we got
re-united this year and these pics are from
2006 and she got dissapointed that I took the
pics down from my old profile.  So I'm putting
these pics back up!   :)
Make Love not War

May 23, 2006
tapdancingtrex: I MISS YOU SO MUCH!
ComradeLee: are you gonna join my zine staff?
tapdancingtrex: I got your zine, it's soooooooooooooo good
tapdancingtrex: yes
tapdancingtrex: totally
tapdancingtrex: I love it
tapdancingtrex: I work at a yoga studio now
tapdancingtrex: did i tell you that
tapdancingtrex: and pilates
ComradeLee: yeah right on that is so awesome
ComradeLee: your in my zine staff now
tapdancingtrex: wow! jang i'm sooo happy for you
tapdancingtrex: i love you so much
ComradeLee: i love you too
tapdancingtrex: i'm doing copy editing at my newspaper
ComradeLee: what ever idea you have let me know
tapdancingtrex: i will
ComradeLee: thats good
ComradeLee: i called you the other day from my computer phone
tapdancingtrex: when are yo ugoing to come up to visit again
ComradeLee: and i think you couldnt hear me
tapdancingtrex: oooh really that was you
tapdancingtrex: !
tapdancingtrex: !
ComradeLee: soon
tapdancingtrex: .yeah i couldn't hear you
tapdancingtrex: i was going to call you yesterday but it was soo early
tapdancingtrex: then i was gonna wait until later and i got busy
ComradeLee: are u at work?
tapdancingtrex: no i'm at a coffee shop
tapdancingtrex: i have to finish writing a paper
ComradeLee: okie doke
ComradeLee: email me and keep in touch my love  ;-)
tapdancingtrex: and i'm trying to get this writing job i found on craigslist for a magazine
aobut nutritiion and health
tapdancingtrex: i'm sooooo into it now
ComradeLee: wow - i hope you get it
tapdancingtrex: i hope so too! i can't wait to get paid for writing stuff that i love.
tapdancingtrex: are we meant to be together? do you have a girlfriend
ComradeLee: yes we are
ComradeLee: we are meant to be together
ComradeLee: yes i have a girlfriend and her name is Brooke
tapdancingtrex: YAY!
tapdancingtrex: YAYAYAY!
tapdancingtrex: i was wondering cause you took the pics of me off your myspace
tapdancingtrex: bbut i don't care
tapdancingtrex: i love you so much too
ComradeLee: cos i was getting sad
tapdancingtrex: i know
tapdancingtrex: it's okay
tapdancingtrex: i will always be in love with you
ComradeLee: wow - you are melting my heart
tapdancingtrex: XOXOXO
tapdancingtrex: it's true
ComradeLee: I want to marry you
tapdancingtrex: okay
tapdancingtrex: we're so good together
ComradeLee: i know...
ComradeLee: we are meant for each other
tapdancingtrex: yes
tapdancingtrex: what are yo udoing today
ComradeLee: i have to go get business cards for my mag
tapdancingtrex: you're so amazine
tapdancingtrex: amazing
tapdancingtrex: hahah amazine
tapdancingtrex: i have to write this person about the job
ComradeLee: good  bye my love
tapdancingtrex: byeeeee
tapdancingtrex: <3
tapdancingtrex signed off at 11:02:51 AM.