November 1st 2006
I was in Irvine for 2 days to hang out with my friends.
Casey , me and Tricia
Tricia and Casey  (they both work at this veggie restaurant)
We went to Tustin to visit my old buddy Chris.
Look what he did to his front yard
tricia with a ghost
This dog was abused by Rock A Billys so Chris
and Michelle rescued this poor dog  
me and my old peace punk friend Chris - we've been good
friends since Chris was 16 years old.  Now he is 33 and still a
peace punk  LOL
Chris with his kids : don and gavin
Chris art work
me and my buddy Chris
old peace punk tattoos..
On tops it reads:
Feed the World - Starve
the Rich...
take it all off baby!!!
Chris with his wife Michelle
We went to Whole Foods
Me and tricia made the kids vegan dinner
Anne Frank art work by Tricia .
She used papers to put this together.