war is over if you want it
vietnam veteran against the war
buddhist monk
hare krishna
Today is  Jay's birthday and he is 33 years.  We've been good friends since the 80's - He used to be  into
anarcho punk stuff in the 80's and even got arrested at a anti vivisection  protest.  Jay sales houses for living and
has his own office with a silk screening business.  He is still crazy and funny.
I got to this party very late and it was ending by the time I arrived.  Party started at 8pm - I got there like 2am.
jay (my old buddy) and me
the devil
I think he became so successful with
his life cos he sold h
is soul to the devil
check out my three sectional staff
Saturday, October 28th, 2006.  
US Out of Iraq and Anti Bush Rally in Hollywood Los Angeles