September 29th, 2007 - part 1
Organized a benefit show at the Chuco Justice Center.  I dont know a lot of these bands - I mostly found
these local bands online.  Many thanks to all the local bands and kids who came to the benefit show.  
This young kid got hit by a car and died so it was a benefit show for his family
vegan food out side
No idea who these people are but thanked them for
coming to the benefit show
All Across Holocaust
Christine working at the door and collecting donation
Old school Punk Rocker Norman from Armistice and me
I've ran into these kids before but forgot their names..sorry
Weekend Warriors
Weekend Warriors
Me, Ralf and Bloodhound
Austin speaking
Resist and Exist
Resist and Exist
Cait playing bass for Resist and Exist
Tricia doing vocals for Resist and Exist