Sunday, September 18, 2005

Stop The War In Iraq Rally - Sept 24th in Los Angeles

Mass March and Rally in L.A. From Iraq to New Orleans: End Colonial Occupation from Iraq to
Palestine to Haiti! Support the Palestinian People's Right to Return! Stop the Threats Against
Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Africa & North Korea! U.S. out of the Philippines, Puerto Rico and
Afghanistan! Housing, Health Care, Jobs, Education - Not War! Stop the Racist, anti-Immigrant
and anti-Labor Offensive at Home, Defend Civil Rights! Military Recruiters out of our schools &
communities! Saturday Sept. 24, 12 noon at Olympic & Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles.
Pics from March 19th 2005 in L.A.:
Why We Are Marching: Ten Reasons
1) More than 100,000 Iraqis have died since March 20, 2003, when Bush began the invasion and bombing of Iraq.
Nearly 2,000 U.S. soldiers have died and more than 30,000 have been evacuated from Iraq with severe wounds or
serious illnesses.

2) Bush lied to the people about the reasons for war: Iraq had no connection to September 11, Iraq had no nuclear
weapons or weapons of mass destruction - and Bush knew it. Iraq did not pose a "grave and imminent danger" to
the United States.

3) The Bush administration does pose a grave and imminent danger to any country or people's movement that
dares to follow an independent path from the United States: Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Korea, Philippines and more.

4) The real U.S. military budget is now over $500 billion - more than all other countries in the world put together - in
the name of "national security." But when the security of the people of New Orleans and the entire Gulf region was
ripped to shreds by Hurricane Katrina, the racist, anti-poor Bush administration did almost nothing for days.

5) The Bush administration advocates the right to carry out so-called preemptive war; that is, a war of aggression
against any country in the world.

6) The Bush administration is building new nuclear weapons and has announced a military doctrine allowing for first
strike nuclear attacks against non-nuclear powers. The U.S. has 10,000 nuclear weapons today.

7) The war in Iraq costs $250 million a day. The Bush administration is proposing to cut $15 billion in education,
housing, healthcare and other essential services.

8) The U.S. spends $15 million every day to support Israel's continued occupation of the West Bank and to carry
out non-stop aggression against the Palestinian people in the territories seized since 1967 and in the borders of
historic Palestine.

9) The Bush administration carried out the coup and kidnapping of Haiti's democratically-elected government on
March 29, 2004.

10) Every person should have the right to a job, decent housing, healthcare and education, but the resources that
could provide for those basic rights is instead spent on militarism. Join us on Sept. 24 to say: "Money for People's
Needs, Not for War!"

Fund People’s Needs, Not the War Machine.
Dont you feel the least bit happy we took out sadam... after all he did test chemical weapons on his
own people in small villages in norther Iraq, also what makes george bush a racist? Anaways do you
expect us to just all of the sudden pull out of Iraq?

Posted by Chris on Friday, September 23, 2005 at 1:05 AM
Who is the "we" who "took out" Saddam? Why do you identify with that "we"? What does it possibly
have to do with your own life?

If the police were called upon to apprehend a serial killer in your neighborhood, and ended up
massacring tens of thousands of people in your neighborhood, would you buy it when they said,
"But, hey, we arrested the serial killer"? Hell, they might even try to justify it by saying, "And if we
had left him there he would have gone on killing people in your neighborhood." Yet who is the serial
killer? George Bush makes Saddam seem like small-time amateur. We should be worried about our
own serial killer. And frankly, I'd say, fuck, I'll take my chances with this serial killer.

That doesn't mean that anyone wants any serial killer around. But it is interesting that Iraquis are
seemingly getting weapons smuggled in from all over the place, so my question is, wouldn't they
have been able to do so had they decided to have a revolution? Maybe they needed a revolution
(anyone under a tyrant does), but wasn't that for them to decide? Why didn't "we" support them in
that? Oh, waitaminute, that was already tried, in the first Gulf War, when there was mass
insurrection that the U.S. government (not "we" -- if you identify with these people you are
identifying with elites who will sacrifice you in a moment for their own interests or even sadistic glee)
said it would support ---- but then when it began to seem too revolutionary, and like it would
destabilize the region --- because the U.S. government really wanted a controllable nation-state in
the area --- that was withdrawn, and support given to Saddam, so that he could crush these
rebellions. Cynical power-politics hypocrisy.

Do I expect "us" to pull out of Iraq?

I want and encourage every individual who does not want to be in Iraq to go home. These
individuals are the property of no one, regardless of what the military thinks. Believe me, if every
individual who does not want to be in Iraq right now went home, there would be very little people
left who don't want to be there, regardless of whether some people think those people are
"soldiers" or not. I think of them as people, not soldiers, just as I think of plummers as people, not
soldiers. If someone who was a plummer didn't want to be in a particular house fixing someone's
plumbing, we'd all understand their freedom and right. But because someone due to economics has
become a soldier, suddenly they don't have that freedom? Ridiculous. Let people who are soldiers
reclaim their autonomy and individuality and suddenly the false-"we" you are talking about will
fragment and dissolve. How would communities defend themselves? Good will, peace and justice,
mutual aid, and free militias consisting of people who decide to be soldiers for the missions they find
worthwhile. That means they can't be ordered to another country to do someone else's black ops
deeds. Let's replace coercive, false-consciousness, class-manipulative "we"s with the true emergent
"we"s of the free association of free individuals!!!

Posted by Certifiably Giddy on Friday, September 23, 2005 at 4:14 PM
Believe it or not, there was no weapons of mass destruction. It was just an excuse so we can steel
their oil and of course americanize iraq. The same is about to happen with North Korea. These
greedy European Bloodlines want total dominant control of the world. It's ok for the US/UK to have
weapons of mass destruction, but when other countries have these same weapons they are being
treated as a treat when the real threat is really coming from Europe (The Illuminati) the ones who
control america/europe. It is these European bloodlines (from the rothschilds to the rockefellers) who
want total global dominace in the world and ultimatley a new world order, a microchip population. We
are only going to see more and more terrorist attacks to come. Another perfect example is Hurricane
Katrina, It was planned, The evacuation plans were inadequate and then bungled. The rescue was
slow, confused, often nonexistent.Where was the Bush Administration during all of this?? on
vacation, they really have no concern for the american people, well at least not the lower class
blacks. And it was Herbert bush who controlled hitlers bank funds. In the comming years, you are
only going to see more and more attacks on american soil. not from other countries but from our own

So, to answer your q about pulling out of Iraq. The answer is No, i dont think we can ever pull out of
iraq. its too late. And to be quite honest, we are not meant to pull out, this is a permanent war that
will last forever. Thats the whole idea, not only in iraq but in the comming years possibly north korea,
iran and other countries, so, we can have total dominat control of the world, to install a microchip
and have a one way money system for the globe. A new world order where everyone on the planet
will be microchipped and controlled through radio controlled frequencies that can alter our thoughts
and monitor what we think.

Posted by Gary (The Evil Sunflower Seed) on Friday, September 23, 2005 at 9:23 AM
Saddam has been ally of the United States for years- just like Noriega- who was trained here in
Altanta, GA. at the School of the Americas (SOA). Once his agenda no longer matched with our own,
he (like Noriega) became the enemy, "that tortured his own people"- when he was working for us,
we could care less of what he did to his people. Look on line for (SOA)- it is all right there, this is
where are tax dollars are spent to train some of this worlds most notorious leaders, that have
commited historical crimes against humanity. Go to , there you
will find news that is not contrived and filtered. Learn about what is really going on now! Because of
our continued ignorance people including our own soliders are dying, for nothing..

Posted by Total Chaos on Friday, September 23, 2005 at 10:49 AM
To I like cake. I cant believe that you cant see the calculated media demonization of Saddam(while
true). Hello!! Saudi Arabia is one of the US's biggest allys but equally oppressive and murderous as
Saddam was. You dont hear fox news talking about that do you? Public beheadings and the like.
When you are obeying US interest the government could give a fuck about how oppressive or
murderous you are. I think you need to study a lil bit more buddy. Also, there is no conspiracy
theory in Dick Cheney being the ex CEO of Halliburton and then being the main contractor in so
called rebuilding Iraq. Hello!! McFly?? Cant you figure that one out?

Posted by Speaks with Fire on Friday, September 23, 2005 at 12:05 PM

I took these pics:
Its funny how the U.S. trains and arms terrorists like Osama and Sadam, and then turns around and
wages war on all the people in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The U.S. government has commitied more crimes against humanity than any other government in the
world. -- They bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear weapons (the first government to ever use
them).  They supported and trained people like Osama, Sadam, Pinochet, and countless of other
dictators that tortured and murdered revolutionaries in those countries.  They had racial slavery and
enforced it for years.  They exterminated indigenous populations.  They build this country on stolen land,
and kept it through military power.  The U.S. is an illegitimate nation and should be destroyed.

The chemical weapons that Saddam used were probably given to him by the U.S. government.

The people in Iraq do not want to be ruled by the U.S. or their puppet regime, they're smart enough to
know the history.  That is why their fighting.  They need their self-determination as a people.

U.S. out of everywhere now!

Posted by Joaquin on Friday, September 23, 2005 at 10:53 AM
Since you seem to be so hell bent on conspiracy theories let me throw this one out there at you, Imagine this, the
inspectors go there to find weapons of mass dectruction, they find them, inspect them closer, they find that their
made by France, remember when the war started and France would not shut up about how they opposed the war, and
then all of the sudden they shut up, so maybe the US government said "Hey France, why dont you shut up or else we
will expose your secret about how you supplied Iraq with weapons" so France agreed. Now imagine this, what if one
day the government did announce that they did find them and made by France, imagine the retalation by other
nations, we would be dragged into a war with France most likely and I like most people think this would not serve the
entire Earths best interests, imagine the devastation that would be brought on.
  So how was Katrina planned? Did Bush pray "Dear lord please please help me out, i have a favor, please send a
hurricane to the south east wipeing outall of the poor black people". Well most evacuation plans are inadquate, have
you ever seen a fire drill at a public school? It takes a long time huh, imagine if there was a real fire, do you reall
think that the teachers could keep the kids from going crazy (teachers the kids arleady see as an authroitan figure
and dont listen to anaway), panic would ensue. Children would be trampled, im sure quite a few would die as a result
of panic. Ok now picture it on a bigger scale, the south east, except the teachers as law enforcement and the students
as the citizens. Imagine after the hurricane or even before with all the warnings that say get out. Imagine the panic,
do you think people will go in an orderly fashion or will it be "me first screw the rest". Remember Citizens dont have
an oblgation to help others, and most dont live up to that obligation. Havent you ever learned from your own
mistake? Come on your a little kid touch a hot pot of boiling water ow you wont do that again, it applies to this
hurricane. We have never had a documented natural disaster to this scale in America. How can you plan for something
youve never expirenced? Sure you can guess what might happen play out secnarios and prepare you for it. Also there
were many many people that didnt want to leave their homes and belongings what can you do about that? I mean
would you really want to leave your nice home for a hurrican warning? I mean you didnt excatly everyone where i live
in orange county when we had tsumani warnings. Also picture yourself as the president on vacation. You go to a ranch
in texas for the hell of it, who do you bring, of course your wife maybe your kids, maybe a friend or two, but who else
comes? Maybe your cabinet perhaps? I mean after all a presidential vacation isnt just rideing horses haveing campfire
sing alongs at night and bbq's its papwerwork in the morning decision makeing by lunch time, negoations by dinner,
then if your lucky sometime to sit back and relax and let the fears of the world leave you for a few hours, then its
time to wake up the next day and do it all over, but theres no saturday or sunday to look forward to, i mean the world
doesnt take a break on those days either right? there is no "Yes 5:00pm time to stop being president" its not your
normal job which most people precive it to be. So now keep on pictureing yourself you recive word of the hurricane,
what can you do? The local law enforcement and rescue services have probaly been put out of commission due to
heavy flooding, its probaly too dangerous to send in helicopters due to strong winds, and any boat sent in there right
now would probaly get swallowed in debris, after all you dont want to have to rescue the rescuers right? Also it does
take a few days to get things organized, whats the point in chargeing in there without a plan? You would hurt more
than you save. And who cares if Herbert Bush controlled Hitlers bank funds, am I going to judge you on what people in
your family have done, like say you had a grandfather that raped someone, am I going to call you a rapist? Or If your
father was Charles Manson i wouldnt call you a murderer. So how can someone make a judgement on what their past
family has done. So in the end there your saying that our own military is going to have a mutiny and attack our own
country? And lastly I have to ask where you conjuered up that idea of installing microchips, monitoring what we think.
Really think about that, isnt that a little farfetched? Monitor what we think!? I dont mean to put you down but to be
honest, I cant help but spurt out some laughter and not take you seriously, it sounds like you took 1984 too seriously
or read some way out there conspiracy theory book.

Posted by Chris on Friday, September 23, 2005 at 11:31 AM
re:conspiracy theories.  why is it that when anyone brings up facts about 911, the war in Iraq,  the
lack of response to katrina,  people like you call it a conspiracy?  It is important to be able to
distinguish real facts from theories that dont hold water.

re:microchips.   are you fucking blind??? they have been on the news pushing for microchips for years
now.  here is a couple links if you dont believe me.  this is not a conspiracy it is actually happenining.

its this kind of ignorance that is allowing america to slide into a high-tech police state.  We now see
the militarization of the police happening right infront of us,  constitutional rights being wiped away
one by one in the name of 'security', intense surveillance of the population,  slowly,  everything we
do is becoming public, while everything the government does becomes more secritive.  If you dont
see this please pay a little more attention.  Also if you are proud of living in america,  doesnt it
concern you that our rights are being taken away?  Do you think a threat against our freedom is
greater from an outside force, like saddam,  or from our own government?  I encourage you to just
look a little bit harder at the police state the government is constructing around us all the while
telling us its for our safety.  This is the exact same thing Hitler did.

Posted by jason on Saturday, September 24, 2005 at 8:42 AM
I think what gary was trying to say was the government was moving very slow on purpose to help
katrinas victims (took 4 or 5 days).  FEMA was turning away a lot groups who was trying to help from
the start.  I find this very strange.

Posted by MYSPACE LIBERATION FRONT (formerly J.Lee) on Friday, September 23, 2005 at 11:46 PM
Re : Hurricane Katrina ...

Ok, if you can halt your apologetics for the moment, please take some time to think about this.
War is much more chaotic than hurricanes, and yet even with their bungling, the military
sometimes manages to somewhat manage war, and they do a much better job than with the

They've known for years that this sort of thing was coming. They had been warned repeatedly.
(Hmmm begins to sound like 911, doesn't it?) Scientists had been telling Bush about the effects
global warming could have. The levees needed work but the funding was withdrawn.

Do you want to know how a government could have responded? Then, my friend, study the
nation of Cuba. It's true I'm no fan of any authoritarian government including our own, but
really, that tiny nation-state puts the Bush Administration's response to fucking shame. They
have been through hurricanes of this magnitude and managed to evacuate almost everyone
and in totally efficient ways.

So what do you do? The moment it seems like a hurricane is coming, you send out medical and
supply ships to the area THAT MOMENT so they are in position when it strikes to help. You
immediately organize sand-bagging operations near levees. You command a FLEET of buses to
help people out of the area who want to leave.

But let's get more simple : you DON'T IMPEDE THE MUTUAL AID OF COMMUNITIES.

Yah, if they had just done that, so much damage would have been prevented. But wait, the
government has been getting in the way of relief provided by ordinary people from getting in.
Get out of the fucking way! Because ordinary people can solve problems much better than
government. So even if they are as incompetent as you imagine they must be, if they could just
have the courtesy to move out of the way, we could take care of each other.

Now, that's all immediate response tactics. Again, Cuba can do it. Ordinary people can do it. But
a government that has spent FUCKING MILLIONS of dollars on being able to respond to a
terrorist attack can't respond to a hurricane? Give me a fucking break, will you?

But the larger picture is thinking about how we build our cities in response to nature. And that is
abysmal. New Orleans was built in a bowl below sea level. Then they build all kinds of toxic
factories there so that when it gets flooded the waters are filled with all kinds of dangerous

If this president would have vision and begin an Ecological Corps to begin building in tune with
nature, we wouldn't be having all of these problems.

And are you serious that you don't care what Bush's grandfather did vis-a-vis Hitler? Let me
present it to you in this way : part of the BUSH FAMILY fortune was made through that kind of
activity. There is all kinds of evidence that that agenda is passed on in the family, and the
money CERTAINLY is. The guy would NOT be president without that money and that heritage :
PERIOD. PERIOD.  And if he really stood apart from his grandfather's heritage, wouldn't he bring
it out into the open, repudiate it, and then demonstrate with his actions that he was working
against that agenda? But of course he is not. You really need to think about this and study all
the interconnections. This is a CRIME FAMILY heavily connected to fascism all over the place.
They are the friends of neither you nor me.

As far as microchips go, Google "Verichips". This is an actual company installing microchip
identification beneath the skin -- in the bodies of people and animals! They are using this right
now in New Orleans to identify corpses. This company is expanding rapidly. It's true -- to my
knowledge -- that the chips don't allow them to know what you're thinking, but it does transmit
location and all kinds of other information. Those are real, and chances are, if the future follows
present trends (which hopefully it will not due to the actions of people like ourselves), we will
see a rapid expansion of this kind of technology.

As far as 1984, the only problem with that book is that it doesn't go far enough. We're way
beyond that now. The entire news media is in the hands of the government -- hell, they ARE the
government, because corporations control everything. There is a word for such a close
collaboration between corporate, government, and propaganda power  : fascism.

Posted by Certifiably Giddy on Friday, September 23, 2005 at 4:35 PM

I think I would be happier if someone took out the likes of Pres. Doublya. The problem with this
country is that they are concerned with profit and gain. Why is it that this country has to focus on "
Americanizing" everything. They put out sadam and put in an American chosen leader. Did the people  
of Iran/Iraq ... Middle East get to choose, NO.  This Anti war rally is meant to let people be, they don't
ask for USA help.  These wars are not done in their best interest, but in the interest of USA profit,
greeedy scum bags, this is why americans fights wars, for goods, and control. The scheme is also for
the Military to pick young fresh poor people to Fight These Wars.  NO one is getting help, just robbed
from their own choices. Im not saying Sadam is good, but is GEORGE Junior any better?. Might I add
George Bush is a racist sexist, one sided christian minded human being. As I recall just a while back, a
hurricane by the name of katrina struck New Orleans a Prodominently "Black" area, which got no help
until the 4th -5th day. Pres Bush was on vacation and on the news, he decided to cut it short Thurs
night and got there on Friday morning, doing nothing but just watching what was once New Orleans,
it's probally all for the press.  Is he even  to lazy to roll up his sleeve and feed people? . The after
math of the hurrican was done Tues morning, he can't even help his own people, if they were of a
lighter color I'm sure help would of been on it 's way in no time. I mean if he can try to send troops
and supplies to the Middle East with ease, why didn't New Orleans, people of the UNITED STATES, Get
any help? . Why bother going to other countrys ( especially since the U.S. takes what they want from
them) Bush he can't even help his own, he is unjust and incompetant. While Sadam tested chemicals
on his people, Bush is not taking care of his, Same difference, hes letting them die. He will continue
putting womyns rights down, not funding education, or healthcare, he's letting those who need help
to die in his very own country. Something is wrong here and it is up to the people not up the president
to take over. If George B. wants to keep wars going , he could just go out there himself  and see what

If I didn't spell anything correctly I am sorry, I got the Flue- Tortilla

Posted by Peanut Butter and Tortilla on Friday, September 23, 2005 at
replying to the post about being happy that saddam is out, maybe you should consider that when saddam gassed
his own people the american government was his ally, provided him with the weapons and then covered it up and
blamed it on the iranians. do you seriously believe that we went in there because we cared about the iraqi people? if
you think for a second that george w. bush gives a shit about those people, he doesn't even care about the people
in this country. i don't really have the time to get into everything with the war in iraq so i'm just going to attach a few
articles i've done in the past on this. but really if you don't know what the hell is going on, how can you expect
anyone to take your opinion seriously or for that matter even have an opinion on it? anyway here's the articles i
wrote, hope it helps J. Lee:

What happens when a nation ignores the U.N.? What happens when a nation refuses to honor international treaties?
What happens when a nation stockpiles weapons of mass destruction? That depends on what nation it is. If it’s the
United States of America then the nation starts an illegal, immoral and unjust war against a sovereign nation that
just happens to have the second largest oil supply in the world. The Bush regime is guilty of everything that they
accuse Saddam Hussein’s regime of. Every bit of rhetoric that Bush uses to try and convince us that Saddam Hussein
is evil can be used to also describe his own administration and this country.

I have yet to see anyone in this country who is against the war defend Saddam Hussein. We know Saddam Hussein
is a tyrant, that is not the point. The point is that the U.N. weapons inspections were working. The point is that Iraq
was being disarmed without the loss of life. The point is that Iraq poses absolutely no threat to this country no
matter how much falsified evidence Secretary of State Colin Powell presented to the U.N. that suggests otherwise.
There is no link between Al Quida and Saddam Hussein. The point is that the American government cannot be
trusted to bring democracy to the Iraqi people.

For those people who believe that our country has gone to war to bring democracy to the people of Iraq just take a
look at the American governments aversion to democracies in the last fifty years or so. The American government
backed a military coup in 1949 to depose the elected government of Syria . The American government overthrew the
freely elected, democratic government of Guatemala and blocked free elections in Vietnam in the 1950’s. The
American government undermined democracy in the Congo and Brazil in the 1960’s. The American government
backed a coup by the Ba’ath party (Saddam Hussein’s party) in 1963. The American government helped to overthrow
democracy in Chile in the 1970’s. The American government supported the brutal authoritarian rule of Suharto and
Indonesia ’s brutal policy at oppressing the people of East Timor in the 1990’s. These are just a few instances...

How far have things gone when empty rhetoric seems to triumph over reality time and time again? How has the
American public gone from being largely against a unilateral war to strongly supporting it? Why do people feel the
need to support an illegal war for the sake of showing American soldiers their support? I can’t, in good conscience,
bring myself to supporting American troops in a war of aggression. I support bringing them home safe, alive and
without becoming murderers in the process. Just like I support the Iraqi people and their right to exist. Are we as
Americans under obligation to support American soldiers regardless of what they’re doing in another country? To say,
“well they’re just doing their jobs” and “defending our country” so I support them even though they’re killing
innocent people. Was it morally justified for German citizens to “support the troops” during World War 2?

The way the Bush regime has been conducting themselves domestically and internationally has been the epitome of
American arrogance. Bush has pulled out of important international treaties such as ABM, Kyoto , refused to
participate in the international court and ignored the will of the U.N. Not to mention that we have the largest stockpile
of weapons of mass destruction in the entire world. So where does this country get the moral authority to judge,
condemn and police countries such as Iraq and North Korea ? It makes me sick to see George W. Bush playing the
concerned defender of freedom and the oppressed. Heartbroken for the poor Kurds that Saddam Hussein gassed to
death. As much as I agree that this was indeed a tragedy the part that enrages me most, the part that our
government and the American media seem to conveniently leave out every time, is that when Saddam Hussein
gassed these poor people to death, in 1988, he was our ally. He had the backing of Washington . The American
government not only supplied Saddam Hussein with the means to carry out this atrocity,  they initially tried to cover it
up and when that didn’t work they tried to blame it on the Iranians (who we were also secretly arming). But I
somehow don’t think that George W. Bush’s father George sr. is going to get caught up in the war against terrorism
net for helping to arm Iraq ’s ruthless dictator. I don’t think that Ronald Reagan is going to be prosecuted for aiding
terrorists. Or that Donald Rumsfeld (who profited more than anyone else by arming Saddam Hussein) is going to
have his finances examined or his funds seized. All of these dangerous weapons that Iraq may or may not still
possess came from first world nations, mostly the U.S. I’ve been hearing reports now about how Iraqi troops have
been fighting American and British troops with some Russian, French and German technology. Someone recently
asked me if I thought that this was the reason why those nations were unwilling to back the Bush regime. I feel very
confident in saying that had Russia , France and Germany gone to war these stories would somehow fail to reach us.
Just like we won’t be hearing any stories about how American and British soldiers are being killed by weapons that
people like George Bush sr. (like father like son, Prescott Bush made his family’s fortune by selling arms to the
Nazis during World War 2) and Vice president Dick Cheney (then sec. of state) profited from by putting in the hands
of Saddam Hussein. Or how every one of us paid to arm Saddam Hussein with the weapons that are now being used
against our own troops. We have no say whatsoever about our governments arming of ruthless dictators, just like we
apparently have no say whether we go to war. And people naively believe that we’re still living in a democracy. The
Bush regime has ignored the will of the American people and the rest of the world and taken us to war. And instead
of people being outraged and trying to remove this regime people are lining up behind it. Are people so easily
manipulated that they’ve been convinced by the dumbest leader in American history that this war is really in our best
interests? That this is a war to protect us from evil? That this is a war to free the Iraqi people? And if people really
believe that this is a just war and a righteous struggle then why do the supporters of this war have such an extreme
stand against anyone who doesn’t support this war? Is there some underlying guilt in their hearts? You would think
that if they really believed that this was such a just cause then they wouldn’t be so threatened by a differing opinion.
That they’d feel secure enough in their own beliefs that they’d be able to tolerate someone else’s. It seems like
Americans would prefer to remain ignorant, turn a blind eye to what’s really happening rather than face what this
country’s become. This country is now viewed by the majority of the world, including our long-standing allies, as the
biggest threat to world peace and world stability. Which as the Bush regime has now proved, it is. America is looked
at as an absolute tyrant, the world’s sole superpower and the most oppressive regime in the world. A nation driven
by money, greed, and the arrogant attitude that we’re above all others. That we can do whatever we want in this
world and as long as we flex our muscles no one will confront us.

But what is going to be the cost of our actions? World sympathy, for the most part, was with America after 9-11 but
the way the Bush regime has exploited that tragedy and alienated the rest of the world has left us with practically no
allies. The “coalition of the willing” is more like the coalition of the coerced and bribed according to many analysts.
As time goes on and we’ll continue to find ourselves more and more isolated by our actions. Unable to count on
support or help from anyone when and if we’re attacked again. Anti-American sentiment is spinning out of control,
the number of people willing to lay down their lives to kill Americans by any means necessary grows with every
oppressive move this country makes. How can a country, even with our military superiority, filled with the most
selfish, self-indulgent people on the face of the earth win against people who are willing to make that ultimate
sacrifice? We can’t and we won’t. I believe that the Bush regime will win the war in Iraq , but occupying the country
long term to bleed the oil wells dry will be a much more difficult task. With our list of enemies growing how can this
country commit huge numbers of troops to occupy a country when the chance are that the Bush regime will soon be
at war elsewhere? North Korea , Iran or Syria most likely. This whole issue of countries developing weapons of mass
destruction will also continue as long as the country with the most weapons of mass destruction leads by the
example that might makes right. Countries like North Korea will continue to pursue nuclear weapons as a deterrent
to keep American imperialism at bay. And can you blame them? This country has chosen to use it’s military might
not to preserve peace in the world but to act as aggressors.

For those people who believe that this invasion in Iraq is something that was spawned by the war on terror consider
this. Were you aware that the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) which was founded in 1997 and included
supporters such as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz sent open letters to then president Bill Clinton
and GOP congressional leaders. In these letters the group called for “the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime of
power” and a shift toward a more assertive U.S. policy in the Middle East , including the use of force if necessary to
unseat Saddam Hussein. And in a report before the 2000 election, the group predicted that the shift would come
about slowly, unless there was “some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor .” Well needless to
say after 9-11 the group and the Bush regime had their “new Pearl Harbor ” and would use it to fuel public support
for invading Iraq . Of the 18 people who signed the letter, 10 are now in the Bush regime as well as Cheney,
Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz. The morning after 9-11, before it was even clear who was behind the attacks, Donald
Rumsfeld insisted at a cabinet meeting that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq should be “a principle target of the first round of
terrorism,” according to Bush at war by Bob Woodward.

For those people who don’t think that this war is about oil consider this: Houston based oil company Halliburton, less
than a week into the war, received a $4 billion contract with the Bush regime to not only put out the fires in the oil
wells but to also rebuild the oil refineries that have been run down by over a decades worth of sanctions. Halliburton
did not win this huge contract by underbidding other companies, no other companies were considered for this deal or
even able to submit bids. So why did Halliburton receive such preferential treatment? Maybe it has something to do
with the fact that Vice President Dick Cheney served as Halliburton’s CEO from 1995 to 2000. Now where would
anyone possibly get the idea that oil has anything to do with the drive for invading Iraq ? We’ve been told that this
war is a continuation of the war on terror, a war to liberate the people of Iraq from Saddam Hussein’s oppressive
regime. Just like we liberated the lucky people of Afghanistan from the oppressive tyranny of the Taliban. Right? If
this was the case then one could assume that the people of Afghanistan were better off now then they were before
we invaded them. But the Post-Taliban Afghanistan is basically the same nation as it was before our incursion except
without the law and order. Thugs and rapists roam the streets unchecked, stonings still continue and women remain
under burqas.  Not to mention that the Bush regime had promised to rebuild Afghanistan but so far not a single
house or building has been rebuilt with U.S. assistance. 650,000 Kabuli refugees urged by the U.S. to return to
Afghanistan are now homeless. The one thing that the Bush regime has accomplished in Afghanistan is the one
thing that they promised they had no interest in and would never do. The $3.2 billion Trans-Afghanistan pipeline to
carry gas and oil from landlocked Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to Indian Ocean oil tankers is being
built according to Ted Rall (author of Gas War: The Truth Behind the Occupation of Afghanistan). I’m sure the
people of Afghanistan are very grateful to the Bush regime for their noble, selfless commitment to bettering their
lives and bringing democracy to their nation.

Iraq is just the next nation in line to conquer in order for the Bush regime to achieve their special interests they are
after. And in order for them to do this they needed to convince the American public that these wars were in our
nations best interest.

Why is it that after 9-11 when anthrax letters started popping up all over the place that we immediately would always
hear the reference to Iraq as the likely suspect? A couple of reasons, first: the Bush regime was desperately trying to
find a link to terrorism and Iraq that would justify an invasion. Second, they know that Iraq has anthrax labs. How do
they know this? Because America not only built them the labs but also trained them how to manufacture anthrax.
And while I’m on the subject does anyone else find it interesting that somehow Tom Daschle, a Democratic Party
leader and now an outspoken critic of the Bush regime’s war, received an anthrax letter but no one in the Bush
regime did?

Also why is it that these letters were all we heard about for weeks until they actually figured that the majority of
letters, over 300, were not sent by international terrorists or Iraq . They were sent by Clayton Waagner, member of
the anti-abortion terrorist (though our government refers to them as extremists not terrorists) network called the
Army of God. Thankfully these were all hoaxes and not really anthrax that he mailed out to Planned Parenthood
offices and women’s health care clinics while he was a fugitive from the FBI. Why did the story suddenly lose
headlines and media coverage once it was discovered that Clayton Waagner was the culprit? Because it was more
beneficial to the Bush regime if the American public still believes that Iraq and terrorists, let me rephrase that
international terrorists who don’t share the same anti-choice views as Bush and attorney general John Ashcroft, were
responsible for trying to spread a deadly disease in this country. Just like it’s been beneficial for them to convince
the American public that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9-11, which 50% of Americans apparently now believe.

Americans seem to fear terrorist attacks more than anything else even though the chances of one of us being killed
in a terrorist attack have been so extremely obscure. But will that change now? Has the Bush regime been greatly
increasing those chances with their actions? It’s ironic that the best reason many feel is why we should invade Iraq
was probably the best reason why we shouldn’t have why we should’ve pursued diplomatic solutions. The best reason
in the American scheme of things, that is- self-preservation. Maybe if George W. Bush (George W. Bush because of
daddy’s influence had the luxury of hiding in the Texas National Guard to avoid going to Vietnam and “protecting his
country”) or any of the others in his regime had to go to war themselves or send their children to “free the Iraqi
people” we might have seen more of an effort made to resolve things peacefully. Again self-preservation and self
interest, the American way of life. Only one member of congress (out of 535 members) has a child in the war. Why is
it when George W. Bush and all the other members of our government talk about Americans making sacrifices for
this country that never seems to include themselves. They reap the benefits while the rest of the country makes the
sacrifices. Nothing new. I am not willing to give my life, my child’s life or the life of anyone else on the word of
George W. Bush. A man who’s been handed a life of privilege, who’s gotten by because of his family name and has
yet to accomplish anything on his own. Most of us have more in common with the poor and working class people of
Iraq than we do George W. Bush.

For those people who think that the Bush regime actually cares about “Iraqi Freedom” just look at the way the Bush
regime is conducting themselves in their own nation.

We are being led by a regime that has done more than any other administration in American history to take away
our guaranteed rights and freedoms. How can anyone possibly believe that this regime is concerned with freeing the
Iraqi people while it works simultaneously at taking away the rights and freedoms of it’s own citizens. Of course in
this day and age of post 9-11 America not only has there been very little resistance to these freedoms being taken
away but they’re actually applauded in many instances. Why? Because we’ve become so afraid of the rest of the
world and of ourselves. The American government and the media constantly bombard us with fear tactics, designed
to keep people from resisting the changes that they’re enacting. Of course all of these new laws under the PATRIOT
ACT are there only for our own protection and would never be used to spy on or infringe the rights of law-abiding
citizens. This is what they tell us anyway. We all have to make sacrifices in our war against terror, well most of us
anyway. George W. Bush can still have his secrets.

Bush has issued an executive order delaying the release of millions of classified documents for at least 3 years.
These documents were to be released in April automatically under the freedom of information act. This is at least
the third time that Bush has restricted access to information. Bush has acted to prevent the release of over 68,000
documents from the Reagan/ Bush years. There is much speculation that Bush has done this to not only protect his
father but also members of his own administration that were a part of the Reagan/ Bush administrations. Bush
generated around 33 million new secrets in his first year of office but the rest of us are entitled to virtually no privacy
or protection from government spying.

Their tactics of choosing sides, “you’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists” has worked wonders for the Bush
regime. They’ve managed to paint anyone who is against this unilateral war as terrorists, or at the very least anti-
American terrorist sympathizers. How did we get to the point in this country that war is seen as patriotic, an American
tradition and peace as anti-American? Where a man can be arrested for wearing a t-shirt that says, “give peace a
chance” while shopping at a mall. Where Oregon state senator John Minnis (republican by the way, big surprise I
know) writes up and is currently trying to pass a bill (senate bill 742) making anti-war protesters able to be tried as
terrorists, punishable by a minimum sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

After 9-11 instead of anyone addressing the likely reasons why anyone would attack us, all we ever heard as to a
reason was that “they’re jealous” of our freedom.” What freedom? The last few freedoms that we have are being
stripped away from us while we lock ourselves in our homes, cowering in fear from the rest of the world. Maybe this is
George W. Bush’s ingenious plan, take away all of our freedoms and they won’t have anything to be jealous of. They
can’t resent us for what we no longer possess.

Well the good thing that’s been happening in this country and around the world is that people are starting to finally
wake up. We hear polls and reports everyday about how the majority of Americans are behind this war. Maybe I’m a
pessimist but I don’t put too much stock in polls done by the American media. I don’t really think that FOX news is
unbiased nor do I believe that they represent the view of the average American. I do think that there’s much more
opposition  out there than we think. The very fact that we’re seeing efforts to silence the anti-war movement being
stepped up proves that they’re afraid. Afraid of the rising numbers of people that see through their lies. Afraid that
more and more people are willing to fight to oppose this regimes actions. The divisions that are being built in this
country are not going to disappear the minute the war ends. Many people are fed up with the actions of this country
and then there are those people who are fed up with those of us who are not blindly going along with the way the
Bush regime is conducting themselves in the world. The scary thing is that the new standard seems to be that
political correctness has moved from the left to the right in this country. The conservatives seem to have the grip on
what’s politically correct now and speaking your mind against the Bush regime is not politically correct. What is
politically correct now is to keep your eyes closed and your mouth shut. To question the intentions of the Bush
regime or oppose this war is to be labeled as a terrorist and a traitor. We’re seeing people’s reluctance to speak up
against this regime as well because of the repercussions. A majority of Americans were against this war before it
started but have been unwilling to oppose it once it actually started or have at least been unwilling to voice that
opposition.  Being anti-war when there is no war and then keeping your mouth shut during one is what seems to be
happening here and it’s a direct result of the pressure being put on people to support the Bush regime and this
country during a time of crisis. What we need to do is confront these tactics of the right wing. We need to be voicing
our discontent louder so it can’t be ignored. We need to put an end to this type of mentality and apathy that allows
people like Bush and the rest of his cronies to get away with the crimes that they are getting away with. We need to
step up our efforts because things are quickly getting worse and worse and they’re making it harder and harder for
those of us with a conscience to stand up for what we believe in. We need to expose what’s been really going on and
use the oppressive tactics of this regime as the fuel against itself by showing people how we’re all being lied to and
manipulated to line this regimes pockets. And most importantly we need to have hope, as a close friend told me
recently, we can’t give up hope because when we lose hope then we have nothing left.

"Bring it on," says our fearless leader, George w. bush. "Bring it on," he

    tells the Iraqi resistance that's been targeting American soldiers. Aren't

    we lucky to have such a brave and heroic leader? Never mind that he's on

    the other side of the world, safe from harms way. Never mind that he

    doesn't have to live with the ramifications of his macho boasting. Never

    mind that this fearless warrior not only hid in the Texas air National

    Guard to avoid being sent to Vietnam himself but then went A.W.O.L. for

    two years. Never mind that those aren't his children coming home in body bags

    like the seventy-some Americans that've been killed (almost half the total

    number of Americans killed since we invaded Iraq ) since our fearless

    leader declared, "mission accomplished". Since he shamelessly climbed out

    of the fighter jet in full combat gear to give his glorious speech on the

    aircraft carrier. Anyone remember that high price photo-op at taxpayer

    expense? Remember how they claimed that flying bush out on the jet was the

    only way to get him aboard the carrier that was on it's way home, being

    that it was so far out at sea. Then remember how we later learned that it

    was right off the coast and how all the cameras were pointed out to sea so

    the whole scenario justified our heroic George W. in full battle gear

    instead of clueing us in on the truth that it was all done for footage his

    re-election campaign? The whole incident shares the same honesty as the

    Jessica lynch story. The story of the nineteen-year-old private who was

    captured, heroically fighting for her life, even after being shot five

    times and stabbed. Then rescued from her Iraqi captors with the help of an

    Iraqi informant. Then we found out that private lynch was never shot,

    never stabbed. In fact the only injuries that she sustained was when her

    vehicle overturned. And the rescue was nothing than her being picked up

    from the hospital where the Iraqi doctors were treating her. The so-called

    informant was nothing more than the hospital staff asking American troops

    to come and pick her up because when they put her in an ambulance and

    tried to deliver her to an American post, the troops opened fire on the

    approaching ambulance. So were the troops grateful for the Iraqi civilian

    medical staff for returning private lynch? No, instead they handcuffed and

    tormented the unarmed hospital staff along with the Iraqi patients upon

    arriving at the hospital. What about the toppling of the statue of Saddam

    Hussein and the joyous, grateful, liberated Iraqi people. Like Donald

    Rumsfeld put it, when witnessing the historic event, one couldn't help but

    think of the fall of the Berlin wall. Hardly comparable events, the fall

    of the Berlin wall was celebrated by hundreds of thousands of people. Only

    about two hundred people witnessed the staged toppling of the statue.

    those people included American marines, journalists and the few Iraqi

    exiles that the CIA flew in to secure the images of celebrating Iraqi

    people welcoming their American liberators. An image that would be used to

    counter all the opposition to Americans being there in the first place.

    This whole event was staged to sell the bush regimes illegal war to the

    American people. Why aren't the American people calling for the blood of

    George w., Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Wolfowitz and the rest of the regime

    who are criminally responsible for killing tens of thousands of Iraqi

    troops and civilians? The international court has charged general Tommy

    Franks as a war criminal. Along with Dick Cheney and Colin Powell for the

    role that the two of them played in the first gulf war. No wonder the bush

    regime has refused to participate in the international court. These people

    are literally getting away with murder. Because as Americans we've become

    the most ignorant and apathetic people on the face of the earth. More and

    more it's been coming out that bush and his cronies lied to the American

    people and the rest of the world about the threat that Saddam Hussein

    posed. They lied about having absolute proof that Saddam Hussein had

    weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Quida. And what's happening now

    that the truth has been coming out? Nothing. In the U.K. Tony Blair is in

    political peril for misleading the nation and taking his people to war.

    People there are holding him accountable for his part in the massive loss

    of life but here people are still strongly supporting the bush regime.

    Even with Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld making damaging statements about how,

    Iraq probably did destroy any illegal weapons before the war. Or how the

    weapons of mass destruction were just a convenient excuse to invade Iraq.

    Or, unbelievably, how the difference between Iraq and North Korea is that

    Iraq sits on an endless sea of oil. How the hell are these criminals

    getting away with this? While the mainstream has been nothing but war

    propaganda, it's been finally getting to the point where they can't ignore

    the reports coming in. the CIA and the intelligence industry has been

    firing back at the bush regime, unwilling to take the blame for the

    falsified evidence, making statements and leaking reports to the press

    that the so-called evidence was not credible and that the report claiming

    that Iraq had tried to purchase materials for the building of a dirty bomb

    had been proven to be wrong almost a year before bush made this claim in

    his state of the union address. When Clinton was in office, his sex

    scandal with Monica got endless media coverage. But now that George w. and

    the rest of his accomplices have lied to the entire world and slaughtered

    tens of thousands of people we hardly hear anything about it. The massive

    murder in the name of oil interests is apparently not newsworthy. Well the

    rest of the world knows more about what's happening in our own country

    than we do. Many people around the world have been giving Americans the

    benefit of the doubt, separating the actions of the bush regime from the

    rest of the American people. The rest of the world knows that bush was

    installed, not elected but if he manages to get himself "re-elected"

    because of the continuous exploitation of 9-11 and feeding off of the

    fears and paranoia of the American people then we're going to prove to the

    rest of the world that we're just as criminally responsible as bush and

    the rest of his accomplices. Are we so afraid of the rest of the world

    that we're willing to bow down to the most oppressive and corrupt group of

    people to ever be in power in this country? What the hell is it going to

    take before we decide to make those responsible, accountable for their

    actions? Maybe we're afraid because it's our inaction that shares in the

    responsibility for the slaughter.

So now we’re all safer. That’s what we’re being told, we’re all safer since Saddam Hussein has been captured. No
longer will Saddam Hussein be able to threaten Americans and the rest of the world. No longer will he be able to
develop weapons of mass destruction. No longer will he be able to sponsor terrorist networks like Al-Quida. Well of
course this sounds great on the surface but haven’t we learned anything this past year? Time and time again we’ve
learned that the Bush administration has lied about anything and everything that would help convince Americans to
go to war. Anything and everything that would take the focus off of their real agenda. Their reasoning, Excuses and
propaganda are flimsy at best, yet it’s been more than enough to convince the average American that this war was in
everyone’s best interest. All the while those who are really benefiting from this war are the very same people who not
only aligned themselves with Saddam Hussein for years but also built him up and made him what he is. So why
would these same people who sponsored, groomed and armed Saddam Hussein be so eager to bring about his
downfall? The most significant reason would be that of Iraq invading Kuwait in 1990. But one important aspect of us
coming to Kuwait’s aid should be recognized. We did not come to Kuwait’s aid because we were outraged by Iraq’s
aggression towards their neighbor like we were told. And if we want to be perfectly honest about our reasons for
getting involved then we have to admit that we really were coming to Saudi Arabia’s aid more so than Kuwait’s.
Specifically to the aid of the Saudi royal family which just so happens to be longtime friends and probably the
strongest political allies of the Bush family. It’s these political allies to the Bush family that were directly threatened
by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Not only were they threatened by the likelihood of Iraq dominating the oil production of
the middle east by conquering Kuwait but they were also in danger of being invaded by Iraq themselves as Iraq had
amassed troops along the Saudi Arabian border.

Iraq had given George Bush sr.’s administration every indication that they had intended to invade Kuwait and the
administration in return gave Iraq every indication that we would not get involved. The first Gulf war could have been
completely prevented if the previous Bush administration had not botched the rounds of diplomacy. It was their
incompetence that gave the green light to Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait. If only Saddam Hussein had known the
full scope of what complete lapdogs the Bush family is for the Saudi royal family maybe he would’ve thought twice
about threatening Saudi Arabia and its interests.

Obviously there lies the utmost commitment by the Bush family towards the Saudi royal family. But how far exactly
would the Bush family be willing to go to make good on this commitment? Would they cover up the possible
involvement that Saudi Arabia may have had in 9/11? Almost all of the highjackers of 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia.
So why didn’t the Bush administration who claim to be so hell-bent on bringing those involved in the biggest terrorist
attack on American soil not invade Saudi Arabia? They invaded Afghanistan whose rule under the Taliban gave
refuge to Osama bin Laden, the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. Later they invaded Iraq under the guise of
Saddam Hussein’s indirect involvement in 9/11 through his support of Al-Quida that was alleged by Bush and his
administration. So why not just invade Saudi Arabia as well? They seem to have played more of a role in 9/11 than
Iraq did. Even if their involvement was limited to providing a safe haven for terrorists to operate from which has been
one of the allegations that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq.

The other justification for invading Iraq, of course being the alleged weapons of mass destruction. Our forces have
been in Iraq for over 10 months now and have been unable to find one shred of evidence of any weapons of mass
destruction. They’ve been unable to find any chemical or biological weapons either. In fact, probably the only
chemical or biological weapons that have been in Iraq in the last 14 years are those that have been used by
American forces. The amount of uranium depleted shells that we’ve fired into Iraq for the last 14 years has had such
a devastating effect on Iraq’s population. And who has it been that’s suffered the most from these horrific weapons
being unleashed into Iraq? The children that have been born since the 1990 Gulf war. There have been massive
amounts of birth defects in Iraqi children that are a direct result of all the radiation dispensed by our uranium
depleted shells. This is one side of our war against Iraq that the American public has yet to see or hear about from
our biased corporate media. Just like the thousands of Iraqi civilians that have been killed and maimed by this war.
We have not seen a single image in the American corporate media of one of these Iraqi casualties. Why? Because
the American public needs the assurance that we’re doing the right thing. That our actions are just and that we’re
there to help free the Iraqi people. Seeing the innocent victims, killed and maimed by our bombs, shells, soldiers,
tax dollars and unquestioning compliance would make that a very tough fantasy to sell. Just like the fantasy that we
our being in Iraq has anything remotely to do with 9/11.

And why has the Bush administration fought tooth and nail to keep all records regarding 9/11 a secret from the
American public? They have outright refused on every level to make public all of these records. It has been
suggested by many that the Bush administration had full knowledge and repeated warnings by the FBI that 9/11 was
going to happen. That in fact the administration was briefed that there was a terrorist plot to highjack commercial
airplanes and crash them into New York and Washington D.C. That the FBI had was aware of suspected terrorists
enrolled in flight training schools. The FBI considered this to be a credible threat and of the utmost importance to
national security. So what did the Bush administration do with this knowledge? Absolutely nothing. Our fearless
leader was obviously too busy vacationing, living his life of privilege, to lift a finger to protect the American people.
This is our president. Our fearless leader that has sent hundreds of American soldiers to their deaths and another
thousand or so to be maimed in Afghanistan and now Iraq. This is our leader who has killed more than 3 times as
many innocent civilians as those who died in 9/11. This is our leader who has chosen to align himself with the Saudi
royal family and the bin Laden family. Concerned more for the safety and well-being of these people in the wake of
9/11 than for his own citizens. Providing safe passage for all of these Bush allies out of the U.S. before they could
be questioned by the FBI on the only plane allowed to fly over a devastated nation immediately after the 9/11

The Bush administration has done more to cover up the truth about 9/11 and protect those who may have had a role
in the attacks than any terrorist network could’ve ever hoped to. If Bush is going to send Americans to their deaths
to defend our country, something he was unwilling to do himself, then don’t they at least deserve to know the truth?
Haven’t they earned that? Don’t all of us deserve to have access to all of the files on 9/11 that Bush is so
determined to keep from us? What could possibly be in these files? Proof that we’ve all been sold out by the very
leader that claims he’s committed to protecting us? The truth that our safety and the stability of our country come
second to his business interests with terrorists and dictators? That everything that’s been beaten into our heads by
the right wing corporate owned media like Fox news is pure propaganda? That the Bush administration and the Bush
family are responsible for tremendous bloodshed, the fleeting of our economy and the abuse of an entire nations
civil liberties for their own prosperity and self interest?

And what will be the Bush administration’s punishment for all of this that they’ve unleashed upon our country and the
rest of the world? Nothing, nothing but another 4 years in office. It’s the right wing corporate that are going to get
Bush another 4 years, that and the never ending naivety of the American people.

I am definitely of the opinion that we need to get Bush out of office, whatever it takes. And although I haven’t voted
in the presidential election in recent years because I tired of voting for a lesser of two evils I find myself turning
around of this issue now. At least for the time being. I was tired of voting for a candidate that I didn’t believe in
because they seemed to be not quite as bad as the alternative. I failed to see a difference between the republicans
and their so-called liberal opponents. But I do believe that things have gotten so bad these last three years that
absolutely anybody else would be a step in the right direction. The decision to cast your vote in the upcoming
election is obviously the choice that each of us has to make for ourselves. And although I do see participating in this
year’s election to be a contradictory compromise to my beliefs, living another 4 years under the most oppressive
regime to ever come to power in our country is, in my eyes, a much more extreme compromise to my beliefs.

Bush has aligned himself with the extremely wealthy and bled this country dry. He has been in bed with corporations
like Enron, Betchel, and Halliburton that have ripped off the American public for tens of billions of dollars. He has
passed legislation that strongly benefits big insurance and pharmaceutical companies at the expense of any suitable
form of health care or Medicare. He has excused the wealthiest of paying their share of taxes through his tax cuts
and corporate loopholes that shift the burden to the middle, working classes and those in poverty. It’s this kind of
voodoo economics that have thrown our economy into a tailspin, sent unemployment rates soaring to their highest
since the great depression and racked up the highest deficit this country has ever seen. All of this threatens, not
only the economic future of our country, but also the financial stability of the world economy. All so that his already
obscenely wealthy political allies could put more money in the bank. Bush has eliminated all our civil liberties under
the guise of protecting us from terrorism by enacting the PATRIOT act.

So who really has been a bigger threat to the American public? Saddam Hussein or George Bush and the rest of his
administration? I know I haven’t slept one bit easier since Saddam Hussein has been captured, although I knew
enough to realize that Saddam Hussein was never really a threat to me. But I know for a fact that I’ll sleep better if
we can Bush’s dictatorship out of power.

Posted by dave on Friday, September 23, 2005 at 9:51 AM