Welcome to 2010
2010 - I actually have a life
now.  I don't have 3 jobs
anymore.  I no longer work at
the night club.  I have 2 part
time jobs now.  On the
weekdays I'm a Swim
Instructor in the East Valley.
And on the weekends I'm a

However I don't have time to
take photos all the time like
how I used to.
Me and Joe.  My cousin Joe used to be in the Football team.
Due to many injuries and couple broken bones he had to quit.
Me and my cousin Joe visiting big Aunt.  Did you know that my cousin
has about 15 surfboards.
Congratulations Jackie and Chad  :)
R.I.P. Evie  
My cousin Joe Surfing.
I got this photo off of his
facebook page.

We all grew up together in